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:: S T A R  S P O T T I N G ::

Seen someone from L around your neighbourhood....let us know.
(Star spottings posted in blue are new)

November 6 2008 - Pasadena, CA
Roving Reporter: Judy

I went to Mia Kirshner's book signing of "
I Live Here" on Nov. 6th at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena. I must say how inspired I was with her readings and her book. She touched me in such a way that I want to be personally involved with her Foundation. She is such a warm and caring human being and I praise her for what she has done. I couldn't wait to get home to start reading her book. The stories and happenings of what she saw in the four corners of the world will touch you in a way that will make you cry. Thanks to Mia I can now see where I belong.



October 30 2008 - Philadelphia, PA
Roving Reporter: MB

I went to the L Word in Philly on Oct. 30th. Jennifer Beals, Rose Rollins, Kate Moennig, Daniela Sea and Ilene Chaiken were in the house. Pam Grier and Rachel Shelley had to cancel due to family matters, according to the gossip at the event.

The VIP reception was billed as an opportunity to mingle with the ladies of the L Word. It wasn't a mingle-type affair after all. It was the stars making an appearance on a small stage in a roped off area at the front of the reception room. They made a few statements and graciously accepted questions shouted from the 'audience' (the folks who once believed they were going to be elbow-to-elbow with the stars). Afterwards, there was a larger event that included the more audience questions and an auction of L Word items. Many of these items grabbed a large return.

Needless to say, the ladies were all beautiful - no stage make-up, air-brushing or fancy lighting needed. They are all gifted with beauty, grace and kindness. Although the event did not turn out to be a "meet and greet," it was still enjoyable. Lots of great women drove many miles to attend and, although a bit disappointed, no one seemed sorry they came. Proceeds benefited the great work of the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia.


October 16 2008 - London, UK
Roving Reporter: SH

On my way to work like every morning, saw this gorgeous girl on a bike, around Covent Garden. Couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw it was no other than ERIN DANIELS! On a bike, in central London! at 9:30am!! what are the odds??!!! She was hotter than on TV! By the time I got out of the shock, and grabbed my phone to take a pic, she was long gone...It was by far the best Birthday treat I had all day! :-)
Bring DANA back to The L Word!!!

----------------------Roving Reporter Meg with Elizabeth Keener

September 15 2008 - Hollywood, CA
Roving Reporter: Meg

I was at the Arclight Theater on Sunset Blvd. waiting for a movie when I spotted a blonde woman with curly hair who looked extremely familiar. She was walking into the theater with another woman who also looked familiar. I then realized that the blonde woman was Jackie Warner's ex-girlfriend Briana Stockton and the woman next to her was Elizabeth Keener who plays Dawn Denbo. Anyway, they went inside and bought movie tickets, then I lost sight of them. A few hours later when I was in line for another movie, I saw them walking out of the theater and I went up to Elizabeth and told her that I LOVE The L Word and she said "oh really" and then I asked her if I could please take a picture with her. I also took a picture with Briana. They were both extremely nice :)


September 3 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Lou

We [ed: my girlfriend and I] also saw some filming at an Art Gallery on West Georgia Street on 3 September 2008. (mouse over to read spoiler -->)The sign on the gallery said 'A Wentworth Porter Project' which we assumed was a new venture between Bette and another character (Elizabeth Berkeley?). They were filming inside by the time we arrived but we saw Leisha Hailey and Rose Rollins outside the front of the gallery waiting to get driven to their trailers on a nearby parking lot. Leisha Hailey and Rose Rollins were very playful with each other and looked gorgeous. A little later Mia Kirshner also came out to wait for a car looking very beautiful and very petite.

Louise Gray took this photo of the gallery on location Sept 2008 

Louise Gray took this photo of the gallery on location Sept 2008

September 1 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Lou

My girlfriend and I have been visiting Vancouver for the last 2 weeks on holiday from the UK. We were lucky enough to see Jennifer Beals competing in the Triathlon in Stanley Park on 1 September 2008. We wished her good luck as she started her 10k run and she smiled at us and said thanks. She looked in great shape and and very relaxed.

Louise Gray took this photo of Jennifer Beals running Vancouver Triathlon Sept 2008  Louise Gray took this photo of Rose and Leisha on location Sept 2008


September 1 2008 - Vancouver, BCElizabeth Berkley and Mia Kirshner supporting Beals in Vancouver Traiathlon
Roving Reporter: Curious Jen X

While working as a volunteer for the WWF Triathlon at Stanley Park, on Monday September 01, Elizabeth Berkley, husband Greg Lauren, and Mia Kirshner were spotted taking in the venue. I'm not sure who they came to see at the Triathlon but saw them taking pictures with a brunette. They were surrounded by people for pictures, so couldn't get a clear view of who was there. One of the other volunteers recognized Elizabeth from "Saved by the Bell". I had no clue who she was but noticed her handsome husband and then saw Mia. It took me a while to place her. [Editor's Note: The group was there to support Jennifer Beals who was competing in the Triathlon.]


September 1 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: K

I was at the Vancouver Triathlon watching my friends compete and saw Jennifer Beals competing while Alexandra Hedison and a few other friends cheered her on. At the end of the race Alexandra, Elizabeth Berkley and Mia Kirshner were waiting for her at the finish line, she crossed the line and ran and gave Elizabeth a big hug! It was awesome to see her finish, she was so happy.


August 30 2008 - Hollywood, CA
Roving Reporter: Tera

I can't remember the date but I saw Mia walking her dog on her cell phone when I was sun tanning in front of my apartment on West Broadway. She looked at me as I saw her go by. Very JENNY!
I also walked past the actress who plays Helena on west 4th one day as I walked to get coffee. She looked as though she was in a rush. They were both so beautiful! :)


August 22 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Jan Krista

At 69th East Avenue around 1AM-I was so lucky to be hired as one of the extras for season 6. We were shooting a club scene. When we were asked to go on set, I saw a familiar skinny figure eating by the craft table, my heart was pounding since I'm sure I knew who she was, It was Kate Moennig eating some midnight snacks. She was so hot she caught me staring at her! I couldn't believe I was in the same room with her. And minutes later we started shooting and I was like totally beside her dancing (because we were told to dance like we were having a good time,and I did!) and she was doing her Shane character she was looking for someone in the club and then walks out. It was a quick scene, and took only a few takes(I wish it was longer, <sigh>). Kate was quiet, I wanted to talk to her but my tongue froze. I wanna hug her and ask her if I could take a picture with her but I couldn't coz we weren't allowed because we were "working" as background performers. It was the greatest 10 minutes of my life! I also saw Leisha, we also did a scene and I was totally beside her. She was prettier in real life. I also saw Kate French, whose character was Niki Stevens. She had a pretty face and she was petite. She walked passed by me several times since her scene took several takes. (<-highlight text to read spoiler) It was a lovely night for me. But I wished I had some pictures with them. It's only in my memory now.

(*more info*)

Shane was in the club wearing her usual Shane outfit, black long sleeved shirt and tight jeans (looking hot as usual) and was looking for someone in particular then walks out of the club. Same thing with Alice who was wearing a little black dress. And Niki Stevens' (<-highlight text to see spoler) scene wherein she walks into the club and the people there (that was us the extras) kind of recognized her, she was talking on the phone, puts on lip gloss and then walks inside the club. That was basically it.I wished it was longer.


August 10 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: jay

last night ( sat aug 10, 2008) i was at lick night club. where they sometimes film the L world there. but in the show it called the Milk. anyways i run into Leisha hailey ( Alice) , Katherine Moenning (shane) and tasha ( Rose Rollins) . they were there having a good time. dancing. they were not letting people take pics of them. so i have No pics. which sucks. but Katherine (shane) was dancing and kept stepping on my feet and Leisha (Alice) was bumming into well dance. (lick is a very small club). anyways i was a chicken head and would not go up to them and say hi. but one of my friends later in the night went up to Leisha and Katherine and got them to sign a napkin for me.. it was funny.:)

just thought i'd share my story.. :)


August 8 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: mojo

I saw Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison)(*Spoiler!<-mouse over to read name) on 4th Ave in Kitsilano this morning.  They left in a [Toyota] Prius which is always nice to see.  I also use to work at a store on 4th Ave and have had several interactions with most of the starts.  Jennifer Beals (when she was pregnant), Leisha Hailey, Rose Rollins (I sold her a bikini!), Elizabeth Keener, Rachel Shelley, Marlee Matlin and Malaya Rivera Drew.    I also saw Leisha and Kate at Lick awhile ago.  What can I say?  Vancouver is the place to be!


August 2 2008 - Hollywood, CA
Roving Reporter: Meg

I saw Elizabeth Berkley outside of the club Level 3 on Hollywood & Highland and I asked her if I could get a quick picture with her.
Here is the picture I took with her.

Roving Reporter Meg with Elizabeth Berkley


July 24 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Saray

I saw Marlee Beth Matlin and her interpreter in the show (sorry I don't know the name of the actor who plays Tom). They were at a Starbuck's coffee in Downtown Vancouver (Robson St at Jervis St). 

It was almost like watching a piece of The L Word, since they were talking as they do in the show. I am wondering if the relationship they have in the show is the same they have in their real lives.


July 22 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Roadcarver

Caught some filming action today. Saw trailers and Crew Park signs by Coal Harbour in Vancouver, so I decided to investigate. After looking for awhile I located the set.
Click here to read the spoiler.


July 20 2008 - West Hollywood, CA
Roving Reporter: Judy

I love reading your site with all the updates.  I had told my g/f that I read on your site about Jackie Warner and Dawn Denbo (Elizabeth) was seen at the Abbey  (I did tell her it was mentioned that Dawn (Elizabeth) was very nice but that Jackie was unapproachable).  We decided to go to lunch at the Abbey (first timers) yesterday on Sunday.  We were told that it was a slow day (San Diego Pride Feast was going on) but the place was packed from what we can see.

Fan meets Elizabeth Keener (Dawn Denbo) at the Abbey in West Hollywood, CA.Before leaving my g/f went to the restroom and several minutes later she came running back to me with her camera out.  She told me she was standing in line at the bathroom and Dawn Denbo (Elizabeth) came out.  She told her she was a BIG fan of The L Word and asked to take a pic with her.  She said yes and was very nice.  My g/f proceeded to talk to her about The L Word.  She asked her where was Jackie Warner.  Elizabeth looked shocked but said "Jackie and I are just close friends, and where to you find that out?"  My g/f just smiled and said she has a lot of friends.  She asked her what were her plans after the wrap of season 6 to which she said that she was working on something big of her own.

Thanks for all your updates, my g/f is still smiling....!!!!!

Here is her pic with Elizabeth Kenner!!!!!


July 19 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Elaine

This weekend Leisha Hailey (Alice) and Katherine Moennig (Shane) were spotted having lunch at Capers on Robson St. They may have been filming at the Bay Shore as the L Word crews were everywhere at that location apparently filming a car scene in the garage, another in a hotel room and an outside garden scene.


July 19 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Sabrina

Today a friend of mine who knows I watch the show told me that she spotted Kate, Mia and maybe Rose (I couldn't quite hear her at the end), at the Starbucks near the at Kits. beach in Vancouver. She said Kate is taller than she expected. course I was thinking 'geez, I pass there pretty much every other day and never see them)
oh well.


July 18 2008 - Montreal, QC
Roving Reporter: T

Could have sworn that I saw Alexandra Hedison in a Montreal restaurant where my friend and I were having supper at, just prior to the George Michael concert on July 18, 2008.  Melissa Etheridge was playing on July 21st also.


July 18 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Jay p

I was going to work today, and I was waiting for the bus on Robson street in downtown Vancouver BC, and i saw the guy that helps out Jodi, Tom, I don't know his real name. but I saw him walking his dog and going to get coffee. :)


July 17 2008 - West Hollywood, CA
Roving Reporter: WeHo Butch

My fave recurring character Gaby Deveaux (Guinevere Turner) was at Platinum night at the East-West Lounge in West Hollywood last Thursday having drinks with none other than Tracy Chapman and a posse of cute girls. They spent the whole night in the back room getting the VIP treatment from the club promoter Shannon Kampa (and her cute girlfriend who is probably not known as "my lover Cindy.").
Click here to read the spoiler.


July 17 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: gina asuzano

I spotted Erin Daniels eating outside of Balthazar's in Spring Street. (Manhattan). I thought it was Christy Turlington at first but it sure is Dana. very pretty. 


July 14 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Lonny

I was visiting home and decided to drop by the L Word office randomly to see what was happening. I wasn't expecting to see much except take a picture with the big sign. When the front door was not locked, I figured I might see some producers/writers that I recognized. When I walked in there SHE was, Kate Moennig!! The ultimate girl that I'd want to see, and looking so very Shane (white/red top). She was at the back of the office typing on a computer and I heard her say something like "How do I do this?" Even though she was a bit far, she had that aura, I knew it was her!! Star struck, I completely froze. When the office guy who greeted me saw my face, he probably realized I was a crazed fan so I was promptly escorted out the door, even after I asked him if I could just say hi to her.  In retrospect, I should have just yelled "Hi Kate!!" on my way out.


July 13 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Sam Blakney

I work at Robson 1 Starbucks on Robson and Thurlow in Vancouver BC. I served Kate this morning... (07/13/08) well.. nervously put together her vanilla Tea Misto... extra foam. A couple days ago, I almost got to serve Mia. (07/09/08) (darn silly girl in front of her was illegally using a partner card and it stole my chance of actually serving Mia, although last year I did get to make her a Grande Soy Cappuccino.) I was to nervous to ask where they were filming..... (IN TOWN FOR PRIDE - I'M SURE) so sad! This is Vancouver's last year to watch for filming as they are currently filming their last season :(


July 8 2008 - Los Angeles, CA
Roving Reporter: payson

Daniela Sea at Silver Platter bar/club downtown LA for "Wildness". She was wearing a blue and white stripped shirt and short cargo shorts. I saw her taking lots of photos and then she left after a performance. Also seen: Cheryl L. (guitarist for The Breeders) looking absolutely gorgeous on break from touring.


July 3 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Roadcarver

Leisha Hailey, Rose Rollins, and Janina Gavankar were spotted in the Strathcona area of Vancouver filming a scene for The L Word (7pm).


July 2 2008 - Vancouver, BC
Roving Reporter: Roadcarver

Rose Rollins spotted entering a building in the Yaletown area of Vancouver.


June 14 2008 - Los Angeles, CA
Roving Reporter: Jana

I was in the Abbey in West Hollywood having some cocktails. I was very surprised to see Elizabeth Keener (Dawn) there and even more surprised to see who she was with. Jackie Warner!!! They were together, like kissing and hugging together. I spoke to Elizabeth very briefly and she was totally gracious and sweet. I asked her of course about season 6 and she said she hopes that she'll be giving us some more Dawn Denbo action (I was a huge dork and told her I loved how off the hook Dawn was and loved it when she and lover Cindy crashed Shane and Jenny's party and said "You f$cked with the wrong b%tch, b*tch!". She laughed and said she said everyone loves that scene). I wanted to talk to Jackie too but her vibe was not approachable at all.


April 7 2008 - Tampa, Florida, USA
Roving Reporter: Diana Q

I attended "Wolfe’s Annual Party for Women 2008" in Tampa, Florida, at a club called Underground, to get a glimpse at the stars of "The L Word." Initially, it was advertised that Rachel Shelley (Helena) would make a guest appearance, then the information changed announcing the appearances of Malaya Rivera Drew (Adele) and Clementine Ford (Molly). I had purchased in advance a VIP ticket in hopes that this privilege might allow me to mingle with the actresses, so I took my chances, figuring this might be the only opportunity for me to ever meet anyone from the show. So I made the hour-long trip to Tampa, to a club packed wall to wall with gay women, and as it turned out, only Malaya would be in attendance, as I was told when I inquired upon arrival. I won't pretend that Adele is a favorite character of mine, but meeting the actress who plays her, or meeting absolutely anyone from the show for that matter, would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. And thus, as I was hanging out in the plush seating area of the VIP lounge about to collect my goodie bag, a door opens behind the goodie bag table, and out comes Malaya escorted by a blonde male, probably her assistant, who eventually stood by her side the entire evening. I didn't say a word as she walked right by me, since the two were trying to figure out where they needed to go. Malaya looked beautiful, wearing a sleeveless little black dress and high heels. She is very small and petite. She looked stunning, just as she appeared in the final episode of the season. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there was something magical about seeing her in person because she looked like a star. She later addressed the crowd from behind the railing of the upstairs VIP lounge that overlooked the dance floor, and then again, with a microphone in hand, from the small stage in front of the dance floor. I don't remember any of her speech, but the audience cheered with excitement (it didn't matter that she played the "bad girl" on the show). She then sat behind a table autographing "The L Word" posters that were only given out to those pre-ordering the Season 5 DVD set. Her male escort assistant made sure that she didn't sign anything other than those posters. I took a few pictures of her with my low resolution cell phone camera. Malaya, unlike her character Adele, is very friendly, was always smiling and speaking to the fans, and taking pictures with them. Then came my chance to speak--I wasn't leaving until I talked to her. So I shook her hand and told her that it was great meeting her and that Season 5 was the best. She thanked me twice, and so my work there was done.

I stood there in her presence for awhile, in awe that I had actually mingled (and realized I didn't need a VIP pass for this) with the actress who shared so many screen moments with Laurel (Tina), Mia (Jenny), Kate (Shane), Leisha (Alice), and Jennifer (Bette), and that she was there for the taping of some of the season's most memorable moments..

Once Malaya had left for the evening, I had one more task to complete. Showtime representatives were in attendance at the event, videotaping segments that would appear on the Season 5 DVD Extras. So I signed a waiver, like so many others, and stood in front of the camera to talk about the best women's show on television, in my opinion. I don't know if my footage will eventually be used, but the Showtime rep said that there is a good chance since my comments were original in that I expressed how I loved the show yet I am straight (my impression of her comment was that I might have been the only straight woman there to speak on camera, and possibly one of only a few in attendance).


May 25 2008 - Vancouver, Canada

Jennifer Beals ran the 8K 2008 Running Room Shaugnessey Marathon, finishing 6th in her age group with a time of 43:53 minutes.


May 23 2008 - Toronto, Canada
Roving Reporter:

Leisha Hailey was walking around downtown Toronto in Little Italy near Crawford St. and College St. before her gig with Uh Huh Her at The Mod Club. She signed autographs, and interacted with fans. She was very pleasant, and super nice. Made everyone smile and laugh.


May 6 2008 - Vancouver, Canada
Roving Reporter:

I saw Cybil Shepard in downtown Vancouver on Robson.


April 26 2008 - Los Angeles, CA
Roving Reporter:

LA Times had their annual Festival of Books at UCLA this year and Marlee Matlin was scheduled to appear to promote her new book. The cool thing was after she was on stage, she had a signing session. I ran and got her book and was the 3rd person in line. I got there and while she was signing my book, I said "Thanks for putting Bette in her place" and she gave me a high five :)



March 30 2008 - Los Angeles, USA
Roving Reporter:

My friends and I were at
The Abbey in LA and we saw Elizabeth Keener inside with friends warming up by the fire. We also saw Clementine Ford with her I think GF (?) I never saw them kiss but they were very close. Clementine is absolutely gorgeous! I love living in LA!


March 21 2008 - Los Angeles, USA
Roving Reporter:

We saw the actress who plays "Adele" having dinner at Mes Amis restaurant on Vermont Avenue in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. She was with a very handsome guy who seemed delighted that we recognized her. She is absolutely gorgeous in person, even more stunning than on screen and incredibly gracious. She and her party of eight changed tables at one point and she walked past us and we told her she "made" the season to which she blushed and smiled appreciatively. She was terrific as "Adele" and just as terrific in person.


March 5 2008 - London, UK
Roving Reporter:

Leisha Hailey at the Tegan & Sara gig Koko Camden, London.


February 2 2008 - West Hollywood, CA
Roving Reporter:

I was at M cafe in West Hollywood, and who should come in for lunch but Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey! They both looked great and seemed to be having a good time, and were joined by another woman. They looked like they had been working out or something, with both of them wearing sweatpants. Kate was decked out in a knit ski cap and sunglasses.

Crazily enough, I was eating at a table next to Natalie Portman, and the woman with Natalie knew Kate and called her over so the three of them had a conversation right next to me. Kate was practically touching me since the tables were so close, and I could smell the cigarette smoke on her. It was funny because the woman called out to Kate, but she didn't recognize her right away, so she had to identify herself, and then Kate seemed to remember right away who she was.

In addition to those three, Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives, Ted Danson, and Mary Steenburgen were all at the tiny little restaurant at the same time.


December 20 2007 - Mountain Pass, CA
Roving Reporter:

My family owns a gas station/towing service in
Mountain Pass California, just south on the Nevada/California border. Daniela Sea (Max) came in and purchased gas. She is very sweet and soft spoken. She was leaving a Bjork concert in Las Vegas and happened to stop in. After filling up her car she purchased a bag of almonds. I was excited to see her and talk a little with her she is very nice. She also happened to mention that the Bjork concert was very intense lol.


December 15 2007 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Roving Reporter:

I was an awesome Bjork concert at
The Pearl in Las Vegas and guess who I see rocking out right behind me...Daniela Sea! She's so gorgeous and more to see her enjoying the music of Bjork as much I was.


December 8 2007 - Vancouver, Canada
Roving Reporter:

I saw Rachel Shelley shopping on Robson street in vancouver, she is drop dead gorgeous! I did talk to her! And I found out a spoiler for season 5 involving Helena. Click here to read the spoiler.


October 26 2007 - Hollywood, CA
Roving Reporter:

Attended the show of Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey's music group, Uh Huh Her, at the
Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. Standing in front of Leisha in the 2nd row was Pam Grier, dancing away to the music, she was stunning. She whipped out her camera to take a few shots of the band and of the audience too. Then Rachel Shelly made her way in next to Pam, as did Mia Kirshner, but Mia didn't stay that long. Pam and Rachel stuck around to take pictures. At the end, when there were only stragglers in the club remaining, out from the backstage, through the main stage and straight to the exit walked Kate Moennig and Rose Rollins. Loved the support from the L Word cast members, as I came to see the show, and had much more than I imagined.


September 17, 2007 - Burnaby, Canada
Roving Reporter:

Filming of Season 5 episode 11. It doesn't get any better than this! All the actors were on the set except Rachel Shelley (Helena).









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