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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
303 Lobsters

:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::
Frazey Ford ... In My Time of Dying
(an old hymn [author unknown] sung by Frazey Ford, remastered by ezgirl - songs about Jesus open and close this episode)
Opening scene Random act - a bus full of nuns; two young lesbian nuns get intimate on the dark bus

ezgirl ... Theme Song

Opening Credits
The Dead Kennedys ... California Uber Alles  California Uber Alles BUY ALBUM Shane and Carmen visit "The Graveyard" skatepark
ezgirl ... Tarot
(full verison of ep 302 Tarot)
Helena revisits the tarot card reader to discuss her business venture
Transientworld ... Learn To Play The Blues  BUY IT Kit talking to Billie Blakey at The Planet
ezgirl ... Studio Lot
(60ís movie vibe with bongos and keys )
Helena gives Tina a tour of her new studio and offers Tina a job
Transientworld ... Light Bright City Back at the Planet; Bette has arrived and is talking with Kit and Angus
Amy Cook ... Million Holes In Heaven  Amy Cook At Jenny's house; Shane is resting on the couch after helping Moira unload the truck; this song leads into the next scene where Alice is hosting "The Chart"
ezgirl ... Alice Drugs
(a similar beat ties together varying elements in the different scenarios Alice is describing)
Alice discusses her prescription drug use on air while the viewer sees flashbacks of Alice's actions when she was on each drug
ezgirl ... Bette and Tina Fight
(electronic beats add a bit of tension to the scene)
Bette and Tina discuss finances and Tina tells Bette about the job offer from Helena
Von Iva ... Same Sad Song  Von Iva  BUY IT US BUY IT INTL The girls get ready for dinner; pick Alice up at her apartment
Red Room ... Le Paradis BUY IT US The whole gang is having dinner out to welcome Jenny back to L.A.
Lorraine Lawson ... The Rules Of The Game  The Rules of the Game Music plays at the restaurant as Alice and Dana return to the table from the restroom and Bette has her credit card declined
ezgirl ... End Sequence
(a loop created for the song Jesus, designed to bring the 2 scenes together)
The episode ends with Jenny and Shane on the porch talking with alternating shots of Moira alone on the side of the road, crying
Sinewave ... Todd's Journey Into Temporal Space  Todd's Journey Into Temporal Space  
Madrid ... Stereostar  Stereostar  
Madrid ... Trafficking  Trafficking  
Betty ... Jesus Moira parked on the side of a road overlooking L.A. and crying

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