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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
302 Lost Weekend

:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::

ezgirl ... Random Act
(70's porn inspired with a current sound)
Opening scene Random Act - a girl looking for sex in the back alleys
Roisin ... Spotlight Jenny & Moira driving in Moira's truck; Jenny wins the "road kill" game
ezgirl ... Razor
(musical reminder of Jenny's past)
In the car when Jenny reaches in the box to get her present from Moira she sees the razor and holds it up. This is a musical reminder of that.
Transientworld ... China White Kit talking to Billie Blaikie at The Planet
Sweatshop Union ... Try  
Dyad ... Red Rocking Chair Jenny & Moira driving; Jenny starts having sex with Moira
Optimist Prime ... Recovery Dana and Lara at the Planet
Bottleneck ... High Prairie Shane and Carmen at the Planet sitting at a table with Kit and Bette
Gerhard Golzo ...Silk N Vice Moira walks out of the bathroom back to the truck where Jenny is waiting for her; a group of rednecks harass Moira and pull her out of the truck; Jenny shoots one of them with a stun gun
Eldorado ... Jaded Julie It's casino night at The Planet - Vulva Las Vegas!
Charlie Brissette ... Cha's Cha Cha Jenny and Moira arrive at a small town gay bar called Lasso
Neko Case ... Porchlight back at The Planet
Hermann Egger ... Bottoms Up back at the Lasso Moira dances with another woman and Jenny becomes jealous
Maggie Moore & Yvette Narlock with ezgirl ... The Lady Loves Me (Maggie Moore as Ann-Margret and Yvette Narlock as Elvis in this campy version of a classic song) a drag performance of Elvis & Ann-Margret's "The Lady Loves Me" at Vulva Las Vegas
ezgirl ... Bette Tina Bed
(an edited version of last season's vibe music of B&T in bed using Allison Miller)
Bette tries to talk about her fears while in bed with Tina, but Tina falls asleep
Danny Camero ... Leonard The Swan Home visit with the adoption case worker; Kit's son leaves them hanging
ezgirl ... Montage
(envoking sadness in L.A.)
Mambo! Mambo! Mambo! ... Bonito Y Sabroso Carmen & Shane arrive before the quincinera; Shane gets her hair styled
ezgirl ... Angus Guitars
(mixed sounds of a child plucking guitar & angus strumming)
Angelica's half-birthday; Alice's surprise birthday party
Boleros ... Siempre En Mi Corazón A newly coiffed Shane dances with a man and then with Carmen at the quincinera
Kayle ... Whose Making You Cry Jen & Moira attend "Bear Night" at a gay bar
D'Angelo ... Feel Like Makin' Love Carmen does a sexy striptease for Shane at Shane's house
Tracy Bonham ... Naked Tina typing in an online chat room with a male chatter who wants to have online sex with her; song continues into the closing credits

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