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:: S E A S O N  3  S O U N D T R A C K ::

:: E P I S O D E S ::

Episode soundtrack listings courtesy of Natasha Duprey, Music Supervisor

301 - Labia Majora

302 - Lost Weekend

303 - Lobsters

304 - Light My Fire

305 - Lifeline

306 - Lifesize

307 - Lone Star

308 - Latecomer

309 - Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way

310 - Losing the Light

311 - Last Dance

312 - Left Hand of the Goddess

Eclectic, Exclusive New Songs
Enrich Show's Third Season Soundtrack

Just as "The L Word" lights up over 6 million screens weekly with its cast of vibrant, vivacious and vital characters, so do the show's soundtrack albums fire up the iPods and CD players of loyal fans. Working closely with Tommy Boy Entertainment executive and Silver Label co-founder, Rosie Lopez, the show's creator Ilene Chaiken delivers yet another smart, sensuous and soulful soundtrack, "The L Word: The Third Season." The two-CD set — which includes a sixteen page booklet — embraces twenty-four songs by a cherry-picked roster of stellar lesbian and lesbi-friendly artists, deftly incorporating a refreshing variety of genres: folk, electro, country, soul, pop, classical.

Featured are three songs exclusive to the "the L-Word" Season 3 soundtrack: Frazey Ford's (of The Be Good Tanyas) haunting solo rendering of the traditional folk song, "In My Time of Dying," Maggie Moore & Yvette Narlock's
sassy, swaggering "The Lady Loves Me" (originally by Elvis and Ann Margaret in “Viva Las Vegas”)
and the clever "Jesus" by Downtown (NYC) darlin's, BETTY.

Also featured are studio versions of five songs performed live on the show: Tegan and Sara's "Love Type Thing," Jahna's "Flower Duet from Lakme" (forever beloved as the song from the Catherine Deneuve-Susan Sarandon seduction scene in "The Hunger"), Sleater – Kinney's "Jumpers" (recently featured on Logo's "New Now Next" video hour), Tracy Bonham’s “Whether You Fall” and "Transformation," originally released by the fierce Nona Hendryx back in 1983. Nona is joined on this re-recording by the fab "L Word" star Pam Grier and BETTY (the two of whom together sang "Some Kind of Wonderful" on the "Season 2" soundtrack).

Other highlights include "Feel Like Makin' Love" by Neo Soul pin-up D'Angelo (retaining its heat, the song is from a strip-tease scene), Cory Lee's hot-n-horny jeep-beat ditty, "The Naughty Song," Le Tigre's remix of The Gossip's "Standing in the Way of Control," the pert and poppy TraLaLa's "All Fired Up," Esthero's gorgeous "I Drive Alone” and Maria Muldaur’s tassle-twirler, “It Ain’t the Meat, It’s the Motion.” (Yes, she of the Seventies pop hit, “Midnight at the Oasis.”)

“The L Word” is the highest rated series on the Viacom-owned Showtime network. It chronicles the lives of a group of friends living in Los Angeles - both gay and straight - through stories of career, family, inner struggle, friendship
and romantic relationships. The series has become a critical and ratings success, and its influence has helped usher in a revolutionary new wave of gay and lesbian television programming. The series stars Jennifer Beals, Erin
Daniels, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Pam Grier, Sarah Shahi, Rachel Shelley and newest cast member, Daniella Sea.

Luxury-loving "L Word" fans finding themselves in hot shops like Fred Segal, Barneys and Gump's this February should look sharp, as they'll be able to snap up the "L Word"-inspired L Eau de Parfum ($75 for a 50-milliliter bottle) and the jewelry line, The L Word Collection ($30 to $1000 with most pieces under $100), marketed by New York company, Love and Pride, which sells the work of jewelry designer Udi Behr primarily to gay and lesbian consumers. Also, due this March from another Viacom unit, Fireside/Simon & Schuster, is the book, "The L Word: Welcome to Our Planet."

1 Don’t Look BackTélépopmusik Don't Look Back
2 Love Type Thing – Tegan and Sara
3 Naked – Tracy Bonham Naked
4 Flower Duet from LakméJahna Flower Duet (Lakmé)
5 Feel Like Making Love – D’Angelo
6 Transformation – Pam Grier, Nona Hendryx, Betty
7 The Naughty SongCory Lee
8 Kiss The World – Catlow
9 Jumpers – Sleater-Kinney
10 The Constant Lover – Magneta Lane The Constant Lover
11 Standing in The Way of Control (Le Tigre Remix)
The Gossip Standing In the Way of Control
(iTunes is The Gossip version)
12 Jesus – Betty
13 I Will Go Quietly – Shivaree I Will Go Quietly

1 The Rules Of The Game – Lorraine Lawson
2 It Ain’t the Meat It’s The Motion - Maria Muldaur
3 In My Time of Dying – Frazey Ford In My Time of Dying
(iTunes is The Be Good Tanyas version)
4 Lady Loves Me – Maggie Moore and Yvette Narlock The Lady Loves Me (From the MGM Movie Soundtrack "Viva Las Vegas")
(iTunes is The Elvis/Ann-Margret version)
5 Jaded JulieEldorado
6 All Fired Up – TRALALA
7 Whether You Fall – Tracy Bonham Whether You Fall
8 I Drive Alone – Esthero I Drive Alone
9 So Jealous – Tegan and Sara So Jealous
10 Million Holes In Heaven – Amy Cook
11 Porchlight – Neko Case & Her Boyfriends Porchlight
Underlined titles = Performed live on “The L Word”
Bold + Italic = Exclusive tracks, only on this album

The soundtrack was released on January 31 and is currently available for order in the 2GirlsDesign shop.



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