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:: S H O W T I M E  L I V E  C H A T ::
with Mia Kirshner Feb. 1, 2004

sho_moderator: Thank you for participating! Mia Kirshner will be joining us following the episode. We're sure you have plenty of questions for Mia Kirshner. Welcome to tonight's event, a chat with Mia Kirshner.  MIA KIRSHNER began her acting career at age 17, playing a clairvoyant dominatrix in "Love and Human Remains." Kirshner was recently seen in "Not Another Teen Movie," "Century Hotel" and "Now and Forever." Other film credits include "Exotica," "The Grass Harp," "Mad City," "The Crow: City of Angels," "Saturn," "Spencer," "Dark Summer," "Anna Karenina," and "Murder in the First." Her other television credits include "24," where she portrayed mysterious would-be presidential assassin 'Mandy.' Mia is now ready to begin the chat. Let's get started!

: Hi everyone. How are you guys? Thanks a lot for loggin on. I'm really excited to talk with you guys.

comettail: Thirty years from now, what do you think people will remember about the L word and its messages?

mia_kirshner: Commettail, that's an amazing question. Thanks so much for asking something that thoughtful. I hope that thirty years people will remember this show as the first of its kind, but more importantly, I hope that television, film and music will reflect the fact that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual is a non-issue. And that people are judged by their achievements in life.

sunata: What has been your favorite scene to film out of the episodes that have aired?

mia_kirshner: Sunata, I would say the scene with most of the girls--the girls meaning Leisha, Erin, and Kate and Jennifer and Laurel-- the party scenes were the most fun to film, because we were always playing pranks on each other and being very silly. Lots of gossip and dancing together.

lisa4peace: How would you describe your character -- Confused? or Wanting it all??

mia_kirshner: I guess I would describe her as somebody at this point who is completely morally conflicted. She is completely in love with two people at the same time. She is caught off-guard, and she genuinely wants to be a good person and do the right thing.

supergrovey: What was your first reaction when you found out that the show was the fastest renewal of any show in the history of Showtime

mia_kirshner: I was so excited and so grateful that the people who log on and go onto the message boards, I mean it's because of them the show was picked up. I'm so grateful because it's because of them that the show exists. The first person I talked to was Jennifer, and then I spoke with Leisha, and I spoke to Kate the next day, and we're all so excited.

kymberleigh: Looking at the multifaceted nature of your character ... other than the obvious, what do you see as your character's most significant challenge?

mia_kirshner: Kymberleigh, that's a really great question. I think her most significant challenge is being true to her heart, and really deciding to follow her heart rather than trying to do the right thing. I think at this point she's so completely lost and hopelessly in love that she's faltering completely. I think she realizes that being true to herself is going to be extremely painful. I think before we met Jenny in the show she had a very dark life and had gone through a lot of pain. I think she's just hoping to have a life that's a little easier.

mack: You said you played pranks on each other, what kind of pranks do you guys do?

mia_kirshner: We would crank-call each other constantly. We would do really do stupid things on set, Kate and I especially, like tie people's shoes together and this is Kate, she would tie tails to people while they were walking, completely utter stupid things. One of the makeup artists once dyed my dog blue with vegetable blue. We were dying to play a prank on Ilene Chaiken, the executive producer. We would desperate to move all the furniture out of her office, because she's so organized that would have given her a complete heart attack.

liverwurst: Mia, saw you on Jay Leno earlier this week and you were great! Do you still play any musical instruments?

mia_kirshner: Liverwurst, that's so nice of you, but I was such a spaz. I was so nervous and desperately shy that I just wanted to sink into the chair. My hands were shaking. And, thankfully, I don't play any musical instruments now. I'm not going to inflict that on other people.

dddpiston1: Which character would you like to have more interaction with?

mia_kirshner: It's hard to say because all of the girls are my friends in my own life. But because Leisha Hailey and I live together, I would say I would love to work more with Leisha.

darkangel579: will we know more about ur characters past?

mia_kirshner: Darkangel, yes definitely. As the season goes on, you'll find out why she's so desperate for a peaceful life, that things have been so tough for her because we meet her. She's trying to keep it together because otherwise she'll fall apart completely.

diana: I was actually wondering if you had any specific questions YOU might want to ask fans of the show/your work? Since you have a group of us here live right now.

mia_kirshner: That's a great question, Diana. I think a lot of people are really upset with Jenny right now, and I wanted to know why, aside from the obvious reasons why. (People should go into the message board to answer that question for Mia.) What would you guys like to see more of on the show next year?

times9: What's it like playing a character with so much sexual duality?

mia_kirshner: Times9, it's complicated. A lot of it is sometimes based on my own experiences, or my friends' experiences, so the most challenging thing is to be as truthful as possible, even though sometimes it doesn't make Jenny look that good or that nice.

christi: Being a heterosexual woman, I'd probably have a bit of a rough time in a role like it a challenge?

mia_kirshner: No, not at all. The way I approach the character isn't about being gay or being straight. It's just about who you love and who inspires you. For me, gender has very little to do with it.

fanfromny: Do you have any questions that you haven't been asked but want to answer yourself?

mia_kirshner: Fanfrommy, yeah. I think that what I've realized with Jenny is that she's just struggling so much to find a purpose in life and to be inspired through love. I think when we meet her, she doesn't realize how much pain that's causing other people. The issue of being gay or being straight was never an issue for Jenny. I think that she related to people and had people in her life because of their achievements and their desires, not because of their gender or their sexual identity. Only now does she realize that being gay or being straight does have something to do with it.

shakeitsheila: How are you handling all the sudden media attention and infatuation with the show?

mia_kirshner: Shakeitsheila, I like your name! That's a great question. It's really wild. It's actually brought the cast even closer together. We call each other almost every single day, and it's made our group so unbelievably close. That's been one of the best things about the show. We'll call each other to say, 'Did you see that billboard on Sunset?' or 'Did you read that magazine article?' Those friendships have been the most rewarding thing. The other rewarding thing is being a part of something that has so much meaning for other people, and that helps tell stories of their identity that the viewers seem to relate to. I'm just so honored to be a part of that, and I feel in great service to that.

irene: Mia I love your character. Do you feel that you are similar to her in any way?

mia_kirshner: No. I think there are parts of me that are similar to Jenny, but I'm not as quiet as Jenny is. And I hope that I'm not as socially awkward as Jenny is! And I think that I try to have more moral responsibility than Jenny has.

duncecap11: Hey Mia, you seem a bit shy in you find it difficult doing all the p.r. stuff for the show?

mia_kirshner: Duncecap, yes, completely! I am an extremely private person. And I always feel that I come across as a caricature of myself whenever I do interviews. But I hope it's something that I never become used to, because I'm determined never to let my personal life be defined by my professional life. But I have to say, that I'm not that shy in my personal life--only when I do interviews! I think it's just like a defence mechanism or something.

mplsgirls: How would you like to see your character grow??

mia_kirshner: mplsgirls, I think that I would like to have her think before she acts from time to time. I would like to see her being sillier, because she's really silly and she has a great sense of humor, and that's why I like Episode 10 so much actually, 10 and 7, because you get to see Jenny's really silly side. This is Mia speaking and not Jenny. I would like to see her have very meaningful relationships with women.

hrowstanley: How has the L Word impacted your own life?

mia_kirshner: Hrowstanley, it's the first project that holds this much meaning for me. The fact that these stories reflect people's stories about coming out, or their relationships with women, or just trying to find themselves, it fucking rocks my world to be a part of that.

kristirutledge: Does filming in Toronto affect the "L.A." show?

mia_kirshner: Kristi, that's a very sly question. Are you trying to figure out what Jenny would do or is trying to do? Leisha says that if she had a friend that was in Jenny's position, she would say 'You're gay, get over it.' I think I would just tell my friend that if she's genuinely in love with someone, she should go for it. Cause life's way too short. But be careful, because sometimes love can be a little deceiving.

wer2girlsnlove: If it were up to you, would you choose for Jenny to end up with Marina or Tim?

mia_kirshner: I would say that she should go for the person she loves most, who inspires her the most. I think Marina really inspires her work and makes the world seem like there are infinite possibilities. But Tim makes her feel safe and grounded. And at this point in Jenny's life, she's been unsafe for so long, I think she's just scared of losing that. Even though I think it's being unfaithful to what she'll ultimately want.

themdoubleose: What does the L word mean to you?

mia_kirshner: Longing. Love. Lost. Libido. Luscious. What does it mean to you, doubleose?

sexygirl: Mia, You mentioned on Jay Leno that the L word was the best job you have ever gotten, How come??

mia_kirshner: As I said before, I've never worked on something that has so much personal meaning for me. Or worked with a cast of all women before. Or worked on something that we genuinely think impacts people's lives. Even though sometimes the portrayals of characters aren't necessarily flattering.

doujuvix: do you spend tons of time with the writer of the script? is she on set everyday?

mia_kirshner: Doujuvix, there are actually several writers. There's Gwen Turner, Rose Troche, and Ilene Chaiken. And yes we do spend a lot of time together, especially Ilene and I.

justy: Why does the L word have so much personal meaning for you?

mia_kirshner: Because I think one's sexuality can be the center of life, and coming out and discovering your sexuality is something that really can define your existence. To be part of that means so much to me. Because I've certainly grappled with those things. I just want to thank you very very much for asking amazing questions. Please keep on writing. These message boards are amazing. We're listening to you, and we want to hear what you guys think, because you guys are so smart. It's because of you the show was picked up, and because of you the show is successful, and we can't do this without you.

sho_moderator: Thank you for chatting with Mia Kirshner.


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