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:: S H O W T I M E  L I V E  C H A T ::
with Katherine Moennig Mar. 21, 2004

sho_moderator:  KATHERINE MOENNIG (Shane McCutcheon) has most recently appeared in the feature films "The Shipping News," "Love The Hard Way" and "Invitation to a Suicide." Her television credits include the series "Young Americans," "Law & Order" and the lead actress in the music video "Is Anybody Home" for the band Our Lady Peace. On stage, she has appeared in "As You like It," "Comedy of Art," "The Theory of Total Blame" and "Morning in the City" at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

katherine_moennig:   I'm so happy people are responding to this show because it means so much. I thank everyone for watching.

dancingqueen:   Kate... are you happy with the direction the show is going in and Shane's role in the story?

katherine_moennig:   Thus far, I am happy. With Shane, it's a very slow build-up, character-wise, and I think as time goes on, it will only evolve more.

flygrl:   your family business focuses on making violins. do you know how to make violins or play the violin?

katherine_moennig:   Flygrl, no I have no idea how to play.

murmurs25:   Is the tattoo on your back real or is it put on for the show? If it is real, is it a guitar?

katherine_moennig:   Yes it is real and no it is not a guitar. It's a violin.

moonspyke:   Katherine, how does playing such a sexy, laid back character compare with your personality off-screen?

katherine_moennig:   Moonspyke, I would like to think I'm just as laid-back as Shane is. As for being sexy, though, I don't know who looks at themselves and says, "I'm sexy" in the mirror. So I don't compare her to myself in that way. But I think the character and myself have a few things in common.

llaughlovelive:   Kate, do you think your character will ever have a long term relationship?

katherine_moennig:   ILaughLoveLive, I do think that at some point Shane will have a substantial relationship with someone. It seems that she's on the search for it in her own way, and I find when you stop looking, it just arrives. But that's more of an Ilene Chaiken question, at the end of the day.

emtsteph:   Kate, what to you feel your biggest reward is playing Shane?

katherine_moennig:   My biggest reward is working on a show that is ground-breaking and working with such a wonderful group of people. It makes going to work a pleasure every day. And having a character that is unique and something that I benefit from-- I think that's the most important, to learn something about yourself through work. I have the pleasure of doing that.

kharm:   Do you have any idea how many women want you?

katherine_moennig:   I haven't the slightest idea, Kharm! But I'm flattered.

finalhour:   I just want you to know that you have to be the hottest and coolest person on tv right now. What do you do in your spare time? What kind of music do you listen to?

katherine_moennig:   Thank you, Final Hour, that's very sweet of you to say. I appreciate that very much. In my spare time, I find different ways to be creative. I have an amazing group of friends that I spend an obscene amount of time with and who I love to pieces. I just try to enjoy life every day.

uscgreek:   You tend to take characters that are very different - what attracts you to them?

katherine_moennig:   I don't think I personally seek out these types of characters, but I find them interesting because they're not a common voice in film and television. But they're equally important, and I like to give characters voices that people don't see everyday. It's very gratifying to speak for individuals that aren't always shown.

spicy:   Do you think only lesbians can enjoy this show?

katherine_moennig:   I don't think only lesbians will enjoy the show, Spicy. The show is made up of a diverse group of women who are all very different from each other, but they're all looking for love, and that pertains to everyone. How can everyone not relate to that want? Because at the end of the day, that's what makes us breathe, that's what makes us happy.

chefcali:   Kate, how is your relationship with all the others on the show?

katherine_moennig:   I adore everyone I work with. It's fun to go to work. The women on the show have become dear friends, and they're amazing actors, and I learn so much from them. It's such a gift, it's such a privilege to work with them on this show that we all love to collaborate on.

quise:   What are the things that make you happy?

katherine_moennig:   Guise, what makes me happy? Friends, love, food and life.

katherine_moennig:   And music.

rokstar:   Will we see more character development for Shane - in tonight's episode we heard a little about her childhood - but when will we really get to know Shane?

katherine_moennig:   Yeah, you will see more of her as the season progresses, but it's slow, and second season, I think, is really going to be the time when you learn more about her.

heidi:   I was SO impressed with the storyline tonight, do you all collaborate on them, or are they pre-dominantly the writers and directors?

katherine_moennig:   Heidi, I'm really glad that you liked this episode. The beauty that we have of working on the series is that we are allowed a lot of input with the writers to make the characters real and three-dimensional. So a lot of it goes to the writing staff, and when we have questions or when we have ideas, they are always added in, which is not very common in television, but we're very lucky, and we have a very trustworthy group of writers behind us.

anilover:   What is in your CD Player right now?

katherine_moennig:   MC Solaar.

gaymom:   Do you sit around on Sunday nights and watch the show?

katherine_moennig:   Gaymom, a few nights myself and a few other cast members went to Revolver, this bar in LA in Santa Monica, because they have screenings for the show, so we checked that out for two weeks. But usually I have a few friends over and we enjoy it and laugh over it together. Like tonight.

dilandou:   do you ever get embarrassed doing the sex scenes?

katherine_moennig:   No. I just focus on the other person, and just turn off my peripheral vision and forget about everyone else in the room.

indygrl:   Katherine, do you read the message boards?

katherine_moennig:   Indygrl, sometimes. I try not to.

timesup:   Do you have any hairdressing skills? Would it be safe to leave one's hair in your hands with a pair of scissors?

katherine_moennig:   Timesup, I have very little, and you'd have to be insane to allow me to cut your hair.

go4hockeyfan:   How was it working with RA? On the show you two come across as having great chemistry making for a very interesting show.

katherine_moennig:   It was a pleasure. She came to work and was extremely generous and open and willing to go the direction that the scene needed to go in. It was very safe working with her. I don't think I could have asked for anything better in a co-worker. She's an amazing human. I really enjoyed working with her very very much.

cartonmm:   How long have you and the other cast members been friends? I've heard you all live very close to one another?

katherine_moennig:   Cartonmm, all of us in the cast met when we shot the pilot, which I think at this point is two years ago. We did spend a lot of time off-set together by going out to dinner and just being girls and hanging out.

fivebyfive:   What was it like being on Law and Order SVU?

katherine_moennig:   It was great working on SVU, because the character that I played was so unique. You rarely ever see a transsexual written honestly. And because of the writing, I feel I was given so much to work with so I loved working on that show. I really loved working on that episode.

lizishere:   I love your that a stage voice? Or truly how you sound all the time?

katherine_moennig:   No that's my voice.

godess2k:   What was it like with the rapper, Snoop on the set?

katherine_moennig:   Goddess2K, it was very surreal working with Snoop, and kind of insane. Because all of these people who were never on the set before were all of a sudden there, and we didn't know who half the people were. They were all part of his group. But it was wicked working with Snoop

katherine_moennig:   He is a very cool guy.

sherry:   Katherine....any concern about typecasting? You've got a long career ahead of you, one would assume. Do you think this role, down the line, may cause problems?

katherine_moennig:   I realize that with certain roles that you take you can easily be pigeon-holed, but at the end of the day, I'm still an actor, and I'm capable of more than one kind of character. I think with time and with trust and of course with the appropriate project, I'll be able to branch out and do more, and that will come with time. But it's important to get out there and do things that are important to yourself in regards to work. The things I have taken so far in my career have much meaning to me. So I try not to look at it as pigeon-hole-ing.

ifadedimage:   what would someone have to do to get a date with you

katherine_moennig:   I don't know if you'd really want to date me!

michael:   Hi Katherine, I'm writing on behalf of my friend Eva-Marie. She would like to know what things you think about in order to stay true to your role.

katherine_moennig:   Hi Michael and Eva-Marie. I always am conscious of the fact that I'm not trying to inflict pain on anyone, emotionally, when it's considered a one-night stand. I always keep in mind that feeling of love, that feeling of having your heart beat faster, and I think of friendship and how I feel about my friends in my life.

xrissy:   If you could play anyone's life story, who would it be?

katherine_moennig:   I want to play Patti Smith. Without a doubt, that would be my dream role.

pattie1962:   Did you think when going into this project that The L Word would have the impact it has and how do you think it will effect the character's for the next season?

katherine_moennig:   I knew that when I began the job and I met everyone who was involved in it that it would definitely become something, but I had no idea what that was. I think that with second season coming around, we have more time to bring up other issues and to delve into the characters' psyches a little more and learn about them, and have different dynamics become established. And if it wasn't for all of you, we wouldn't have a second season, so I thank you all!

mayra:   Katherine who is your favorite actress?

katherine_moennig:   There are too many to name, Mayra, but off the top of my head, I would say Patricia Clarkson, Lili Taylor, Martha Plimpton. Frances McDormand.

zooky:   have you ever thought about writing your own screenplay or series?

katherine_moennig:   Zooky, I'm still figuring out how to act, and that takes up a lot of attention. I wouldn't know where to begin with a screenplay. But someday. I want to learn how to do something before I delve into something else.

sportslover:   Katherine: who have been your mentors? what career advice have you taken most to heart?

katherine_moennig:   My mentors have been my mother and some teachers that taught me in college. The best advice I have ever gotten is just to stay true to yourself, and the worst that anyone can say is no, so don't give up.

nik414:   You were great on Young Americans. Was it hard to adopt the mannerisms etc. needed to pass as Jake?

katherine_moennig:   Nik414, thank you so much. That's a sweet thing to say. When I took the role of Jake, I kind of regressed to when I was kid, because I was a tomboy and all my friends were guys. So it wasn't that difficult, it was more fun to relive that part of my life again.

lezcook:   Hi Katherine! I just love the show, wanted to let you know that....Do you see yourself possibly attending a Gay Pride event?

katherine_moennig:   Thank you very much. I'm so glad you enjoy the show. If our shooting schedule permits us to do any appearances, I'm sure we'll be there, but it all depends on our schedule. But it would be fun.

gabrielle:   what is your idea of a romantic date?

katherine_moennig:   Being comfortable. And laughing. And being honest.

katherine_moennig:   Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all of you! I'm so glad the show is affecting you, and I'm so happy that all of you are just enjoying it.


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