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:: P I L O T  T O P  5 ::


  • In The Planet, when Bette and Tina come in to announce the insemination is on today...Dana's cluelessness is priceless.

  • Shane getting naked for the scene in the pool with the blonde chick...tho if you look closely Shane gets a rather nasty smack in the head from the blonde's *ahem* breast.

  • When Dana sees Jenny for the first time.

  • Shane suddenly spotting the chick across the room at Bette and Tina's party. Its a look of a hunter about to get her prey.

  • My most favourite moment in this episode HAS to be when Dana and Harrison are chatting with Tim and Jenny...when Harrison cracks that lesbian joke...the way Dana slaps his drink right out of his hands...hilarious!


  • Bette & Tina's intense sex scene at the end of the episode is extremely hot - great close-ups.

  • Jenny watching Shane swimming naked in the pool - Shane stripping off her clothes in "2 seconds flat."

  • Jenny and Marina meet at the party. Alice is between them and hitting on Jenny hard, but Jenny is completely captivated by Marina. Recognizing defeat, Alice leaves them alone "to get married."

  • Zoom in on close-up of Alice's chart and Shane's name right in the middle.

  • My favorite moment is the opening scene - first minute and 45 seconds. The editing and the music as the scene zooms in on L.A. then to Tim fixing up the office and Bette & Tina in bed sets a great mood for the series. Perfect editing.


  • When Bette and Tina go to collect sperm from their first donor...did we really need to see him actually DOING it? Then later...Bette holding up the sperm in the car...EW!

  • Dana's comment to Shane about the way she dresses...that really needed a re-take...Erin kinda tripped over that line and it lost all its potency for me.

  • Jenny dragging Tim home with her after Marina tried to kiss her in the bathroom...they live like right NEXT door...did she really need Tim to 'take her home'?

  • I hated the passage of time in this episode. I was constantly trying to figure out when everything was taking place. I think the whole episode spanned over like a 3 month period.

  • The threesome with Bette/Tina/art guy...I just didn't think it flowed...and kinda grossed me out too.


  • Tim/Jenny making out at the light. Didn't seem to flow well or have a purpose. If that actually happened in that part of Hollywood, people would be much more pissed off than that.

  • Trish's scene with Tim. Bad acting by her and some of the other minor Jean-Paul and the bad French accent.

  • The use of TV show clichés. Once when Bette finds the ovulation test in the trash can. And again when Tim makes it completely obvious that a proposal is forth-coming..."I just have to go get something."

  • Scenes that needed re-shoots. These were scenes that were GREAT in the script and came off poorly on screen like Shane having her morning shot, Dana calling Shane a "dyke," and describing the "lesbian urge to merge."

  • When the dialogue resorted to repeating phrases. Tina/Bette: "You're ovulating." "I'm ovulating." "Let's make a baby." "Let's make a baby." Tim/Jen: "I'm so fuckin proud to have you in my life." "I'm so proud to have you in my life."


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