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Old news updates from main page

1 September 2009

+ Breaking news!!!! Showtime have just announced that they will making 9 episodes of "The Real L Word: Los Angeles" - which will follow the lives of 6 real life lesbians & will be produced by Ilene Chaiken. Really? Papi? Really? Read the article here.

Posted by Oz |  

9 August 2009

+ Have some news regarding the L Word conventions coming up in the near future. United L Events who are putting on the Australian convention in January 2010, have just announced that Leisha Hailey (Alice) & Rose Rollins (Tasha) will be joining the other 3 actors already confirmed (Marlee, Laurel & Rachel). And Starfury who put on the UK conventions have just announced L7, which will take place April 2010 in Birmingham. More info on both these events can be found on our events page.
+ Mia Kirshner will be holding a fundraising event for her "I Live Here" charity August 22. All proceeds will go towards the launch of the Malawi Prison Project.
More info about it here.
+ Janina Gavankar will be hosting a music event in LA this Thursday. More info on the events page.

Posted by Oz |  

July 17 2009

+ Come follow us on twitter, hopefully we'll be able to keep you more informed with any updates. Also added a twitter widget below.
+ Speaking of Twitter, the peeps over at Tello Films will be interviewing Elizabeth Keener (Dawn Denbo) on Twitter this coming Sunday (19th) & they want questions from you. So check them out @tellofilms They will also be interviewing some other L girls later this month (Thanks Liz)
+ The Season 6 DVD will be released 20 October. You can pre-order now at or Wolfe Video.
+ Fans of Rosanna Arquette (Cherie) will have a chance to meet her this coming weekend (18-19) at the Hollywood Show
at the Burbank Airport Marriott in Burbank, CA. This will be her first ever convention appearance. She has also recently made her music video directorial dubut with Postman, a hip-hop artist from the Netherlands, shooting the music video at the Cannes Film Festival. Watch it here.
+ Dont forget about the exclusive Laura Dahl L Word collection sale. Just be sure to enter "lwordonline" at checkout for free domestic shipping and so we can track your order.

Posted by Oz |  

June 22 2009

+ Fans of the band The Cliks will be happy to know that their new album "Dirty King" is set for release tomorrow. Pre-order now. But for those that can't wait, its already available as a download on amazon. Also available on amazon is a free download of the title track.

Posted by Oz |  

June 19 2009

+ Im so sorry about there being no updates in forever, we have not abandoned you all. I was just away in Las Vegas for the past 2mths & Ive only just settled back into my life. And Slicey's computer is dead, her internet not now its all down to me. If anyone wants to join our intern army to help out, shoot us an email (thanks Riese for the idea!).
+ Our mates over at the Australian L Word Convention have started selling tickets for the January 2010 L Word Convention today. More info here. Tickets here. Just been informed that Platinum tickets have already sold out!

+ In cast news: Kate Moennig has been working hard on a new CBS series premiering in the fall. The series, Three Rivers, is a medical drama that goes inside the emotionally complex lives of organ donors, the recipients and the surgeons at the preeminent transplant hospital in the country. Kate plays Dr. Miranda Foster, a surgical fellow with a rebellious streak and fiery temper who strives to live up to her deceased father's excellent surgical reputation. View a behind the scenes video (featuring lots of Kate!) here

Jennifer Beals appeared in two episodes of Lie To Me as Assistant US Attourney Zoe Landau. She then teamed up again with Denzel Washington in a new film called The Book of Eli, a post-apocalyptic thriller due out next year. The film is currently in post-production. Beals plays a character named Claudia.

Leisha Hailey's The L Word spin-off, The Farm, also starring Famke Janssen and Laurie Metcalf, seems to have stalled on the auction block. The Hollywood Reporter declares that Showtime has passed on The Farm, instead picking up two other new series for next season.

Rachel Shelley has joined the writing staff of the UK's
Diva magazine. She has already written a couple of articles, which we will hopefully be adding soon. She is also almost 8mths pregnant. Wonder who the lucky man is?

Mia Kirshner ran a series of classes at MIT in January. You can watch one of her really interesting lectures
here, in the video window pick "I live Here".

After appearing in several episodes of C.S.I. last year, Erin Daniels starred in an independent film called
Portland, due to be released next year. Erin plays a lead character (Amy) in a group of friends who reunite to uncover the mysterious details of their friend's death.

Pam Grier has been working on three films,
The Invited, Identity, and Co-op of the Damned. The extent of her roles in these films is unknown at this time.

Daniela Sea is currently with a fairly new punk rock band called The Thorns of Life.
Watch them play.

Sarah Shahi married Steve Howey in Las Vegas earlier this month. The pair are expecting a baby this summer. Unfortunately, Sarah won't be going back to work after her pregnancy. NBC cancelled the cop drama LIFE, on which Shahi was a lead actor.

+ In music news; Betty was featured prominently on the season finale of Ugly Betty with their single "Back It Up", including a small appearance by Amy Ziff. The L Word Season 6 Soundtrack is in the works and it will feature tunes from Jaymes Bullet and Nettie Roses.

Posted by Oz |  

April 12 2009

+ We'll be sending someone off to cover the New York Times - Life After The L Word event on April 20 where attendees will have the chance to ask Ilene Chaiken and Jennifer Beals questions. So we're asking you, our important readers, if you have any questions post them in the comments section and we'll try and get them asked for you.

Posted by Oz |  

April 09 2009

+ Just got back from an awesome 4 days in Palm Springs for my first ever Dinah Shore weekend! It was so much fun, photos to come soon.
+ The 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards will be held April 18th in LA, where The L Word will receive a Special Recognition Award. Ilene Chaiken, along with cast members Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman, Leisha Hailey, Kate Moennig, and Pam Grier will accept the award. Click here for more info.
+ Also thanks to the people over at GLAAD, we have 2 Theatre tickets to giveaway for the show. Click here to enter.
+ Designer Laura Dahl, who designed the exclusive “L”ements of Style Collection for Showtime now has a final sale on all remaining L Word clothing items. Click here for more info.
+ Catch Erin Daniels tonight on CSI (9pm/ET, CBS), playing alongside Buffyverse alumna Charisma Carpenter. Charisma plays a slinky little character named Mink, who is a suspect in the murder of her boyfriend because there was a love triangle between her and Erin Daniels.
+ Got questions for Ilene and live in New York. Here's your chance to get some answers. The New York Times is presenting: TimesTalk - Life After The L Word. More info here.
+ Added the info we have so far for next years L Word Down Under convention.

Posted by Oz |  

Mar 28 2009

+ So I'm just off to Las Vegas for the next 2 mths, so if anyone lives around that area and wants to hang out, please email me. Hopefully I'll still be able to update while Im away this time.
+ Also if anyone lives around the PITTSBURGH area, Kate's new CBS pilot will be filming at the Brownsville Tri-County Hospital for the nest 2 weeks. You can just go check it out OR you could even apply to be an extra on the show. More info here.

Posted by Oz |  

Mar 25 2009

+ Some updates for the UK L Word convention happening in September this year. Rose Rollins (Tasha), Alexandra Hedison (Dylan), Guinevere Turner (Gabby) & Kate Moennig (Shane) will be joining Mia Kirshner (Jenny) & Pam Grier (Kit).
+ Added the screencaps for 607 & 608.
+ Those in the UK need not wait any longer for Season 6, it started airing last night on Living 2.

Posted by Oz |  

Mar 20 2009

+ If you live in San Francisco, you have a chance tonight to mingle with the queen bee herself, Ilene Chaiken. Tonight at 8pm she joins BRAVA's Artistic Director Raelle Myrick-Hodges for discussions from being an artist in Los Angeles to being in the forefront of the 'contemporary' lesbian community. Tickets & info available at If anyone does go, make sure to ask her WTF was up with Season 6? LOL
+ Some really exciting news if you're a Shane fan. Kate Moennig has been cast in a new CBS pilot called Three Rivers, which is about organ transplants seen from three points of view; the doctors, the donors and the recipients. Kate will play a self-destructive heart and lung transplant fellow.
+ So what do you do now the show is over? Will we ever really find out who killed Jenny? Well check out the new Showtime released Interrogation Tapes you never saw.

Posted by Oz |  

Mar 15 2009

+ Have added the full episodes for 603 - 608. Enjoy.
+ Those needing a good laugh now that the L Word is done. Check out this hilarity.

Posted by Oz |  

Mar 14 2009

+ Heres the music list for eps 607and 608.
+ Uploaded Riese's recap of ep 607.

Posted by Oz |

Mar 13 2009

+ Folks I know we picked the crappiest time to go MIA on you all. But I'm back now & will keep bringing you the new updates. Believe me, even with the show now over, there is still plenty of work in my INBOX to put up. That being said, I just want to let you all know that we are NOT closing the site. We will continue with it & hopefully morph it into a lesbian community centered website. If any of you have anything they would like us to include in this redesign, please email us your suggestions.
+ For now all I have time to put up is the finale recap by Riese. Enjoy.
+ Oh and also some fantastic, exciting news for those in Australia (and the world, if you have the money to get here). United L Events have just announced The L Word Down Under Convention to be hosted in Sydney in January 2010. So far Laurel Holloman (Tina), Rachel Shelly (Helena) & Leisha Hailey (Alice) have confirmed their intention to attend. And they are currently in negotiations with three further guests. Its going to be HUGE!!! More details as I get them!

Posted by Oz |  

Mar 02 2009

+ Sorry our updates are a little late this week, Slicey's been having some major drama with her internet & cannot upload.
+ So here's a really rough list of the music from ep 606.
+ Uploaded the screencaps from eps 604 - 606.
+ Added KC & Elka's podcasts for eps 604 - 606.
+ Added the preview for ep 607.

Posted by Oz |  

Feb 23 2009

+ Added Riese's recap blog for episode 606 "Lactose Intolerant."

Posted by Slicey |  

Feb 22 2009

+ The updated music list from last week's episode "Litmus Test" is now available.

Posted by Slicey |  

Feb 16 2009

+ Check out Riese's recap of episode 605. While you're reading TLW digs, check out "Letter to Mama Chaiken From Max."

Posted by Slicey |  

Feb 10 2009

+ Read Riese's recap of episode 604 -- it's much better than watching the actual episode.

Posted by Slicey |  

Feb 09 2009

+ Uploaded the music listing for ep 604.

Posted by Slicey |  

Feb 08 2009

+ Missed out on watching episode 602 or 603? You can now watch them here. Also check out the promo for ep 604.
+ Take a listen to KC & Elka's podcasts of episodes 602 and 603.
+ Added the screencaps from ep 603.

Posted by Oz |  

Feb 02 2009

+ Updated music info for 603. More music info on the way. The rest of the episode info will be uploaded tonight, so check back!
+ Uploaded Riese's hilarious recap of episode 603, which is one of the funniest and most enjoyable episodes we've seen of The L Word.

Posted by Slicey |  

Feb 01 2009

+ Updated music info for Featured Bands with Reni Lane and Shanghai Restoration Project heard in episode 601.

Posted by Slicey |  

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