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:: M E D I A  B L E N D E R ::
By Tracy E. Gilchrist
Gay Wired

A new year, a new season of those hot gay babes on The L Word. Media Blender goes to Los Angeles' red carpet premiere and nabs an exclusive of a real live Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Kate Moennig and Marlee Matlin on the carpet make out session—okay not really but they were all there.

Forget Britney Spears or the New Hampshire primary, even in the New Year The L Word is still the pop culture fodder Lesbos love to overanalyze and lash out about—either in favor of or against. And this week, all the gay gals' tongues are wagging about the glammed out West Hollywood queens of the small screen.

Seasoned L Word junkies stood out in the rain for hours—like gay men camping out for Bette Midler tickets—at West Hollywood's The Factory Sunday for the Los Angeles premiere of the tasty show that put hot lesbian sex on pay per view television—and for a glimpse of the iconic cast members strolling the rain-drenched red carpet.

Diehard rain-soaked devotees whooped and hollered and pushed and shove each other a tad for an eyeful of out cast members Daniela Sea, who plays Super-Max with the soul patch, and perennial fave, eat-her-with-a-spoon cute Leisha Hailey, who plays the beloved and witty Alice. Also on deck on the red carpet were Laurel Holloman, who's happy to be playing Tina with a way-cool personality transplant this season, and the queens of impossibly high cheekbones, Rachel Shelley (Helena) and Rose Rollins as the Alice's soldier girl Tasha.

For this L Word junkie and celebrity gawker, witty exchanges with cast members and the opportunity to ogle the gals from a front row seat temporarily helped relieve the shivering exacerbated by my rain-misted hair and soaked through boots. I'm thinking I should have donned a pair of rubbers before hitting that red carpet—tee-hee.

Highlights from the carpet include an adorable Kate Moennig—looking tres like her alter ego Shane—shifting uncomfortably on her feet after a publicist shoved her in front of the print media for interviews. After a quick funny about whether she'd brought pot brownies for the poor print media—Shane's the keeper of the pot brownie recipe in an upcoming episode—and realizing she looked ready to hit the VIP section rather than answer hackneyed questions from journalists, I said, "I'm not very good on the red carpet," to which she replied, "Neither am I." So sheepish and adorable indeed!

While it's not unusual around Weho to catch an occasional glimpse of Leisha, Kate or Daniela kicking around town, the show's heavy-hitting half-sisters Pam Grier and Jennifer Beals took to the carpet—and I don't mean the kind of carpet Bette frequents on the show.

While US Magazine's reporter insisted on a stream of non- L Word related questions—since he admittedly had never seen the show—I stuck to what I know best, which is downright sycophantism. When the Empress of Smiling While Crying and Keeping her Big Browns Wide Open, Ms. Beals strolled by, I sincerely—in a sucking up sort of way—said, "Jennifer, I don't have a question but I must comment that I'm boycotting the Golden Globes because you're not nominated. It's long overdue." A smiling, gracious and ironic Ms. Beals' laughed and said, "From your lips to God's ears. You are the sweetest thing."

   If that didn't warm and curl my frozen toes, cocktails in the VIP section of The Factory during the premiere, sure helped. Here's wishing the Sapphic set an exciting L Word season to revere, pick apart and bitch about it!

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