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:: T H E  L  W O R D  B O U D O I R ::
www.PointClickHome.comOct 10, 2008

See the feminine and super sensual decor of Vicente Wolf's The L Word boudoir

THE MATCHUP: The L Word and Vicente Wolf
Focused on the fine art of seduction from an all-girl point-of-view, Vicente Wolf conjures up a boudoir d esigned for more than sleeping.

Revealing a real-life look at lesbiansim, The L Word chronicles the ups and downs of alluring, diverse and spirited women whose love lives, careers and antics are relatable to viewers, both gay and straight. Here, Wolf captures the seductive and eccentric essence of this group of L.A. friends with a bedroom suite, glittering bathroom, and to-die-for shoe closet, all designed for casting aside the worries of the day with wild abandon.

For over three decades, designer Vicente Wolf has been at the top working globally with a heady corporate and private clientele list ranging from Hong Kong’s LS Store and the Beverly Hills’ Luxe Hotel to the homes of Prince and Princess von Furstenburg to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Carl Bernstein.


To me, this comes across more like Sex and the City than The L Word, however, if the giant shoe closet isn't your cup of tea fellow lesbians should at least appreciate the black, silicone dildo placed adoringly on top of the bedcovers. For complete descriptions of the room's contents including 700-year-old pottery, quartz-topped writing desk, corner spa adorned with gold leaf tile, animated "wallpaper," and seemingly random objects-de-art (like the giant bronzed hand); view the full slideshow here. And if you'd like to have a little L Word-inspired boudoir in your own home, a complete list of resources is found here. I noticed that the dildo is absent from that shopping list, so you can visit our favorite women-owned adult store - Babeland - to pick out your own accessories. While you're waiting for your new toy to arrive, you can watch this video on the inspiration behind the Showtime House, discover the other rooms in the Gramercy Park abode, design your own virtual space, or if you're in the area you can visit the house in person.


Photographed by Adam Chinitz

The L Word Online has been designed by Oz and Slicey.  Unique images designed by Oz.  Site maintained by Oz & Slicey.  This website is intended to be fun and informative, and was created with respect to show appreciation for the women and men involved in the creation of TV's first real lesbian drama.  This site is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Showtime Networks Inc., the television series "The L Word," or any person involved in the making of the show.  No copyright infringement is intended.  Images and other borrowed content are copyright their respective owners.  Credit is given where due.  All original content is the sole property of  the creators of The L Word Online copyright October 2003.