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After graduating college, my best friend James decided to marry Samantha, his high school sweetheart and girlfriend of six years. I really don't know where this story goes after that because I literally haven't heard from him since.

The New Testament encourages answering questions with other questions as a means of facilitating conversations. So what better way to fully understand what Jesus would do, than by inquiring what he wouldn't do?

Let's say you're coming from a squash game and all of your polo shirts are at home. Why run the risk of having the undesirables inside mistake you for some nouveau-riche trash? With this shirt on, they'll never forget your great great great grandparents came over on the Mayflower. And, most importantly, that you're a better person than they'll ever be.

We both know that you are the life of the party -- but does the rest of the party know this? Do they know that last week you drank an entire bottle of Cuervo, walked over to the TV to start humping it, passed out in mid-stride, and crashed your head into the screen and had to go to the hospital after losing almost a pint of blood?

Does Mexico have an official basketball league? And if they did, would the players wear sombreros as they dribbled down the court? My guess as to the answer of those questions would have to be "Huh?"

Spring Break 2002: Cancun. You remember it as if it were just a couple of years ago. Now it's time you get your revenge on Montezuma by wearing this shirt...

There were some pretty awful shirt ideas tossed out the night we thought of this gem. I mean, terrible stuff. Like "North Dakota likes it on top," "Gettin' Lucky in Montana" or other stuff that wouldn't even make it on a koozie sold in a truck stop gift shop.

Listen up, America. There needs to be a lot more doin' it. A lot more love making. A lot more of the old no-pants-dance.

The following is clothing that we like to wear from...

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