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:: L  G O S S I P ::
Rumours and other news...

*NOTE - Please take what you read on this page as pure rumour / gossip. Non of this information has been confirmed.
October 9, 2006 - We received news from our inside source who emailed us the following;

The latest from network brass:

1 - "Jenny" (Mia) will likely be killed off episode 8 or 9. General difficulty working with other actors and frustration on the part of producers are the biggest factors in this decision. Apparently she's been a huge nightmare to work with from the very beginning but now that there are bigger stars signed to longer deals they can afford to lose a key
2 - Kate Moennig is angry with Beals cause she outed her in the Advocate magazine.
3 - Apparently Daniela Sea is set to star in a feature film with Parker Posey when the season wraps and is in negotiations with another film project that may preclude her from her work on another season of the L word.

- For all of us out there who never liked the theme song by BETTY, your wish to see it disappear may have come true! A friend of mine in licensing at Showtime tells me that the network is being sued by the people who own the rights to the Sound Of Music library because the song infringes on "a few of my favorite things". Is it really possible that Showtime can keep the song? I mean, fans don't like it, critics hated it, and now even Julie Andrew's people are pissed.

- Showtime also settled a sexual harassment case out of court between EZ and the outgoing music supervisor...


May 7, 2006 - Some new rumours we've heard about regarding Season 4:

* Natasha Duprey (music supervisor) has quit the show, making Elizabeth Ziff now in charge of ALL the music.
* Showtime has pulled the theme song due to copyright issues.


OK I have a bunch of Season 3 Gossip that I've collected from various places over the past few weeks. Bear in mind that these are JUST rumours, nothing has been confirmed!

* Some rumoured guest stars for the next season include; Tina's mother, Annette Kennard, played by Gina Doty, Russell Simmons & Billy Campbell playing the role of Henry.

* In regards to the storyline heres some of the things we've been hearing;

- Tina starts to fall for a man named Henry Young. Angelica will have her 1yr party as Bette comes home to see Henry and Tina flirting in the kitchen.
- Bette for some reason ends up in a monastery
- Ivan and Billie (Alan Cummings) fire Kit from the planet due to some missing money that her son stole for her to have some medical procedure done and so she takes up drinking again.
- Moira does turn into Max (a man) but Jenny will break up with him. Helena wins the court case and gets custody of her children but loses Dylan (her lover) in the process.
- Dana dies either due to cancer and/or heart failure (apparently she was let out of her contract so she could concentrate on two new movies she's going to be making) in episode 310. Alice falls to the ground shaking as the toy flower she just bought plays the song "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine" and then it goes to black screen and you see the time 2:38 and the time stops. The death of Dana. Apparently some of the old cast come back for this scene, Tim (and his pregnant wife, played by
Georgia Craig) and Tonya. Alice will do the eulogy along with Shane, Howie and Dana's mother.
- Shane and Carmen break up before the season finale. Shane shuts everyone out because of Dana's death and Carmen can't deal with it.
The show will have a Beverly Hills 90210 feel to it. A music guest will perform in every show.

BUT alternate versions that we've heard have been;

- Dana does not die. The person that dies in Dana's family is Sharon Fairbanks. Sharon finds out that Howie is gay and she doesn't leave Dana and Howie anything in her will.
- Bette and Tina break up. It's a bittersweet emotional moment between the two of them. Tina will not sleep with the Henry character, she fights off the urge to sleep with him. Angelica will get deathly ill in the season finale that will bring Bette and Tina back together momentarily.
- After Max-Moira has his surgery Jenny will break up with him after he hits her.
- Dylan will want move in with Helena but Helena will be to busy consoling Tina with Angelica's illness to pay attention to Dylan so Dylan will get jealous and move back to Sacramento.
- Shane finds her birth mother and Carmen comes out to her family in episode 311. They do not take it well. Carmen will break up with Shane because of her family, Shane leaves town to stay with her birth mother for a few days but comes back when she gets word of Angelica.

Some off screen rumours;

Erin Daniels and Eric Lively had a summer fling last year. Erin is currently single but she isn't gay. Mia has a boyfriend but she is BI. Jennifer and Laurel really don't hang out around the set they go home to their families after filming. Dallas Roberts is the loner on the set. Ilene only wrote two episodes this year the first one and the season or maybe series finale depends on how the ratings do this year. The writing staff only has 7 people on it this year. Elizabeth Ziff of Betty is one of them. A writer from Soul Food the series is new to the writers table. Showtime head honchos gave IC full reign on the show this year and she has run wild with it. And finally, there has been talk that Sarah Shahi either quit or was fired.


April 22, 2005 -
New York Post’s Page Six reported that Francesca Gregorini (36), ex of Portia di Rossi, and Kate Moennig (28) were spotted ‘canoodling’ a few nights ago at a party at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. for Paper magazine’s ‘Beautiful People’ issue, in “full view of guests, including Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Matthew Perry and Tori Spelling.”

February 7, 2005 -
Hothouse reports: L Word star Katherine Moennig, looking rather Shane-like, was graciously buying drinks for the crowd at Starlight late last night. The bar’s patrons mostly played it cool, save for one over-enthusiastic fan who lunged at a startled Kate when she went outside. Says our Friend Of Hothouse : “Shame on that maniac lesbian.”

If you have any gossip to share with us email at:

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