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:: F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S ::
Written by NancyAmazon

1. When does the new season start?

Season 1, 2, 3 & 4 have finished airing.
Season 5 is currently airing.
International airdates can be found on the international page.

2. What are the character's full names? Who stars in The L Word?
Cast biographies are available here.

The main cast of The L Word for Season 1 consisted of:
Bette Porter - Jennifer Beals
Tina Kennard - Laurel Holloman
Shane McCutcheon - Katherine Moennig
Alice Pieszecki - Leisha Hailey
Jenny Schecter - Mia Kirshner
Marina Ferrar - Karina Lombard
Dana Fairbanks - Erin Daniels
Tim Haspel - Eric Mabius
Kit Porter - Pam Grier

Season 2 cast additions:
Mark Wheeler - Eric Lively
Helena Peabody - Rachel Shelley
Carmen de la Pica Morales - Sarah Shahi

Season 3 cast additions:
Moira - Daniela Sea
Angus - Dallas Roberts
Dylan Moreland - Alexandra Hedison

Season 4 cast additions:
Jodi Lerner - Marlee Matlin
Phyllis - Cybill Shepherd
Papi - Janina Gavankar
Paige - Kristanna Loken
Tasha - Rose Rollins

3. Are the actresses in The L Word actually gay?
Does it really matter?

Well, if you must know:
Leisha Hailey who plays Alice is openly lesbian as is Alexandra Hedison, who plays Dylan Mooreland.
Laurel Holloman is openly bisexual, married to a man, and is now a mommy!
Jennifer Beals, Erin Daniels, Rachel Shelley and Pam Grier have stated categorically that they are straight.
Mia Kirshner has hinted on several occasions to being bisexual, as has Karina Lombard.
While some have reported that Katherine Moennig is gay, she has never publicly said so and has repeatedly said she does not wish to discuss or disclose her sexual orientation.
Sarah Shahi has said she has experimented with girls in the past, but claims to be straight.

4. Is Karina Lombard / Sarah Shahi really not coming back?
Karina Lombard is really not coming back. While no one can know for sure what transpired between Karina Lombard, her representatives and the people at Showtime, at the very least it seems apparent that neither side was able to come to a satisfactory agreement for her continued participation in the show.
Karina Lombard was NOT fired from The L Word.
UPDATE: Karina returned for a few episodes in S4.

Sarah Shahi on the other hand left to pursue her acting career and has been cast in a new TV show called 'Life'. Seems she has no intentions of returning to the show at this point.

5. Where have I seen Jennifer Beals before?
Probably dancing like she's never danced before in the lead role in the eighties film "Flashdance". Other than that, please check her filmography on her cast page.

6. Who created the show?
The show was created by Ilene Chaiken. She also acts as Executive Producer.

7. How can I contact Ilene Chaiken or the cast?
The best way is probably to write to her or any other cast member at the following address:

L Word Season V Productions Inc.
8275 Manitoba Street
Vancouver, BC V5X 4L8

8. But that's through Showtime. How can I directly contact the cast members?
I know we'd all love to just drop a cast member an email saying "how you going?" but let's think about this realistically. Even if someone knew how to directly contact a star, why would they broadcast the information? Chances are the star would immediately change their email/address/number/whatever it was you got because of the volumes of traffic the contact details would receive.

Furthermore - No one is ever going to give you Marina's phone number. Why? Because she's a fictional character. Move on please.

The best way to contact a star is through the above address or through their personal representation. Sometimes the official websites of actors have their agents or reps written there, but you'll have to check websites for individual stars to find out.

No one, least of all us, is going to give you Kate Moennig's phone number. We don't have it, and even if we
did, we wouldn't hand it out.

9. Who was the actor that played such and such?
Many actors appeared in Season one of The L Word as guest cast. The most significant guest cast were:

Guinevere Turner as Gabby
Anne Archer as Leonore Pieszecki, Alice's mother
Anne Ramsay as Robin, Jenny's lover, an acrobat
Tygh Runyan as Gene, Jenny's OTHER lover, a biologist
Rosanna Arquette as Cherie, Shane's lover
Lolita Davidovich as Francesca (Fran) Wolff, Marina's girlfriend, a costume designer
Ossie Davis as Melvin Porter, Bette/Kits Father
Devon Gummersall as Lisa the Lesbian Identified Man
Kelly Lynch as Ivan the drag king
Snoop Dogg as Slim Daddy
Holland Taylor as Peggy Peabody
Tammy Lynn Michaels as Lacey, Shane's stalker
Ion Overman as Candace, Bette's lover
Lauren Lee Smith as Lara Perkins, Dana's girlfriend (or "the Soup Chef")
Landy Cannon as Harrison, Dana's doubles partner, straight "boyfriend" and Bette's personal trainer
Kwesi Ameyaw as Randy, Tim's boss
Mark Gibson as Marcus Allenwood, Bette and Tina's sperm donor
Colin Cunningham as Harry Samchuk, Hollywood fag
Matthew Currie Holmes as Clive, the guy who turned tricks with Shane
Ari Cohen as Conrad Voynow, Dana's Agent
Woody Jeffreys as Dana's Coach
Michael Tomlinson as Franklin, Bette's boss
Preston Cook as James, Bette's personal assistant
Samantha McCloud as Chloe, Cherie's daughter
Helen Shaver as Faye Buckley
Julian Sands as Nick, Jenny's old college professor

For more guest stars check individual episode listings.

10. What involvement did Rose Troche have with the show?
Rose Troche was a series producer, series writer and has directed many episodes of The L Word, including the pilot.

11. Who directed the episodes?
Please refer to each episode's page to see a who directed that episode.

12. Are any of the actresses gay?
Ya know, we answered this the first time. Stop asking already.

13. Because the shows are both on Showtime, is The L Word anything like Queer As Folk? They're both shows about gay people aren't they?
The L Word has nothing to do with Queer As Folk. The shows have no similar writers, no similar directors and no similar storylines. About the only things the two shows have in common is that they are on Showtime and yes, they both contain openly gay characters.

14. Do only lesbians watch The L Word?
No. People of all genders and all sexualities watch the show and participate in the fandom through message boards, mailing lists etc.

15. Am I gay if I watch The L Word?
That's between you and whoever you sleep with. How would we know?

16. Is Lara coming back?
Yes. She returned in Season 3. No further word if she will be in any future episodes.

17. When will The L Word screen in my country?
The L Word screening schedule is entirely up to the stations that buy the show internationally. We have a section which tries to track airdates and inform viewers when the show will be aired and by whom.

18. Where can I download episodes from? How do I download episodes?
That's illegal. We don't advise the downloading of the episodes..

However, look up software such as bittorrent, emule, Kazaa or MIRC on Google and you might get some idea of how it is done. At the very least you'll need a high speed or broadband connection.

19. I can't download, will anyone make copies for me?

There is a tape/VCD trading thread on the message board to assist you to hook up with someone who can get you the episodes.

Please avoid buying pirated copies of episodes from eBay. The people who sell these are crooks profiting from fans and ripping off the intellectual property of others. You should never buy episodes from anyone who demands money for them, EVER, unless it is to cover the basic costs of materials and postage.

There's too many people out there who love the show who are willing to give them out for free to waste your money on loser eBay sellers anyway.

20. Why don't the season 1 DVDs contain the promised deleted scenes and bloopers?
No one knows.

Yes, they were advertised. No, nobody's sets actually contain them so you were not personally ripped off if yours doesn't. The distributors probably made the decision based on the availability of the material. It sucks, but there's nothing we can do.

Some people are still holding out hope that international releases of the sets will contain the promised extras material, but really there's little chance of that. We'll just have to wait until season two and hope the sets are done better.

21. Where do those t-shirts with the doves on the sleeve come from?
The fact that this is really a frequently asked question is really amusing. Someone managed to find out that Leisha Hailey's girlfriend makes these shirts. The cast started wearing them in the show and they've taken
on a life of their own. As far as we know these t-shirts are only available for retail sale through Fred Segal, an exclusive shop in LA.

22. What brand are Bette's sunglasses?
It was tempting to list Bette's sunglasses in the guest cast list. We're thinking of starting a fanclub for Bette's sunglasses.

The glasses were made by Chanel and apparently you can buy the exact same ones if you are willing to hunt them down and fork out US$175.

23. How do I access the Showtime official website for The L Word if I don't live in the USA?

24. What was the name of that song in that scene?
You can find all the songs used in each episode here.

25. Is there a soundtrack album for The L Word?
Yes. You can buy it through Tommy Boy records. The list of tracks can be found here.

26. Are the songs Kit sings in the show available to buy?
Since they did not appear on the official soundtrack, not to our knowledge, no.

27. Speaking of music, wasn't that chick from the cast in some band?
Yes, Leisha Hailey who plays Alice used to be in a band called The Murmurs with Heather Grody. The Murmurs have a song on The L Word soundtrack. The two then went on to form the band Gush, but Leisha has since quit that project and has moved onto other things, including opening her own music venue. In a recent interview Leisha also mentioned that she might look to start a new band soon.

28. What film was that cast member in?
Look it up on the Seriously. It's a great resource, and available for everyone.

29. When will The L Word be released in the UK on DVD?
Visit the DVD News page for info.

30. What songs are playing on the Season 1 DVD menus?
The main menu song is called "Blinded By Your Looks Love" by Fundamental.
It's not available anywhere except the DVD.

Showtime also used a Joystick song called "Goodtimes" on the bonus features menu.

31. When is the S4 DVD going to be released?
October 23rd, 2007

The L Word Online has been designed by Oz and Slicey.  Unique images designed by Oz.  Site maintained by Oz & Slicey.  This website is intended to be fun and informative, and was created with respect to show appreciation for the women and men involved in the creation of TV's first real lesbian drama.  This site is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Showtime Networks Inc., the television series "The L Word," or any person involved in the making of the show.  No copyright infringement is intended.  Images and other borrowed content are copyright their respective owners.  Credit is given where due.  All original content is the sole property of  the creators of The L Word Online copyright October 2003.