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:: T H E  G O O D , T H E  B A D  &  T H E  U G L Y  O F  S 2 ::
By The Sci Fi Bard

Okay folks! So Season 2 is over and now the gnashing and wailing and waiting begins till Season 3!
I thought, to keep y'all occupied in the intervening months, that I'd gradually write a few L Word articles and bits and bobs to keep us all discussing the show, its' impact and its' cast and crew.
If anyone has any ideas for other pieces I could do, just drop me a line! (email addy at bottom of this page) I have a couple more pieces up my sleeve for now, but your input would be greatly appreciated :-)

I thought I'd start us all off with the following....
Don't forget though folks, these are purely MY opinions, and NOT those of the owners of this website!

Bette's wardrobe this season
Everyone else's wardrobe this season!
(the wardrobe masters for Dana, Jenny and several others on the show should be taken out and shot. Or worse!)

Mia Kirshner's acting this season
Jenny Schecter's mental state & outfits this season

That there is an actual theme song this season
The new opening sequence this season. IT SUCKS!

The standard of acting all round
The continuity and standard of writing all round.

Some of the guest stars (Ossie Davis, Camryn Manheim, Holland Taylor, Sandra Bernhard, Anne Ramsay etc)
Some of the guest stars (Betty, Betty, Betty, WAY TOO MUCH DAMN BETTY!)

Leisha Hailey and her genius comedic acting
Alice Pieszecki and her rapidly regressive wardrobe! (Methinks she's stuck in a time warp! - 70's disco era, 50's diner waitress, etc....)

Any moment where Shane and Carmen shared on-screen time
The fact that there were so few moments Shane and Carmen shared on-screen time!

The development and revelation of back-story for Jenny's character
The fact that that CONSTANTLY had to be preceded by some godawful carnival/fairground freak show creative writing moment!

The fact that it's been brought out into the open that Jenny is a cutter
The fact that every time Jenny had one of her godawful outfits on, (she wore a dead Muppet, a tacky gymnast's leotard etc!) I wanted to cut MYSELF!

The introduction of Mark and his friendship with Shane
The WAY the writers felt they had to introduce him into the show - i.e. in creepy/arty voyeur spy cam guy mode

Anytime Pam Grier is onscreen - whether she says something or not! The woman is class, as is her acting.
The fact that Pam Grier is woefully underused on the show!!! BOO!!!! Fore shame on you Ilene!!!

They brought Lara back! WOO HOO!
She wasn't on my screen very much! BOO HOO! MORE Lara in Season 3 please!!!

The more mellow, 'less Alpha' Bette
The still-somewhat-lacking-in-spine Tina

The introduction of Helena as a baddie
The fact that Helena seems very much to be a one-dimensional, almost pantomime baddie! Spoilt Sugar Mommy much?!

The cute, funny, sexiness of Alice and Dana together (OOOOH, let's play fantasy dress up!!!)
The underlying fact that Alice is clearly a classic neurotic/possessive/needy girlfriend type - RUN DANA, RUN!!!!

The fact that we HAVE seen nearly all the characters at work, at one point or other.
The fact that no one seems to GO TO work on a REGULAR basis, and yet they all live a life of luxury etc!

The way we all came to love to hate Tonya! BOO! HISS! ;-)
The shamefully crappy/forced/badly written/unbelievable/trite way they got rid of Tonya!

The Hotness That Is Carmen
The Badness That Was Carmen's hairdo at the start of season 2! ARRRRRGH!!!

Jenny's new haircut (her hair continually scared me witless throughout season 1!!!)
Jenny's continuing descent into freaky weirdness. OH THE HUMANITY!

Alice telling Shane, "Look, Yoda needs to get some better advice, OR Yoda needs to shut the fuck up!" - BEST line in The L Word so far IMHO ;-)
Ivan saying to Kit (of Marina), "SHE may be a Contessa, but as far as I'm concerned, Kit, YOU'RE a queen" - MOST CHEESY/WORST line in The L Word so far IMHO ;-)

The girls all going on the Olivia Cruise in 'Land Ahoy'
The blatant and continual product placement of Olivia Cruises! Why not just call that episode 'Enjoy An Olivia Cruise!' instead?!

The new theme tune. Ok, so I hated it at first, but I've grown to like it now! ;-)
(I still think Breathe by Melissa Etheridge would be a way better theme tune though!)
How we had to endure Variations On The Theme Music in nearly every episode! ENOUGH already with different versions of the theme tune over everything!!!

The fact that Ilene must have listened to the fans and brought Lara back for season 2
Lets hope she listens to the fans again and cuts back on the Jenny weirdness/arty fartyness factor in season 3

Bette in full flow - when she's angry, defending herself or her family, or facing an enemy - what a magnificent sight to behold!!
Anytime Tina is being spineless or mousy etc. *yawn*

The fact that Season 2 has now ended means we don't have to endure Jenny's 'writing' efforts
The fact that all through Season 2 we had to endure Jenny's 'writing' efforts!

The gorgeous Bette/Tina love scene in 'Late, Later, Latent'
The painfully stilted Jenny/Tim sex scene in 'Life, Loss, Leaving'

Alice knitting at the start of season 2
Alice being clingy and paranoid at the end of season 2 (I wonder, can taking up knitting make you like this?*weg*)

Pick up line Shane uses on Carmen in 'Life, Loss, Leaving', thus:
Shane: "I like a girl with ambition"
Carmen: *laughs* "Fuck you!"
Shane: *smiling, relaxed and sexy, accepting the unoffered offer* "okay...."
*they proceed to have sexy sex on the mixing console*

Presumably, anything said by Gomey to ANY woman. EVER.
Pick up line Bette uses on the brunette in 'Lynch Pin', thus:
Bette: "Would you like to dance?"
*later, they proceed to have standee-uppy sexy in Bette's hotel room*

HOW CHEESY & TIRED IS THAT!!!! ;-) 15 old boys at discos use that line!!! LOL!

Cause he makes every other man on the planet look sophisticated, caring and desirable.
Cause he really has no redeeming features to his character. At all. No, seriously folks! NONE! He made Beavis & Butthead look like Mensa candidates!

There were thankfully few straight sex scenes in season 2.
After all, if we wanted to watch straight people have sex, all we'd need to do is watch ANY OTHER drama on TV!
The lesbian sex scenes in season 2 were still nowhere near as graphic/frequent as the straight sex scenes (Tim/Jenny etc) in season 1! DOUBLE STANDARDS people!!! Tsk tsk tsk.......

The simple fact The L Word gets shown on TV around the world!
JUST because it's the only lesbian TV show on our screens, DOESN'T mean the writers/directors can be complacent!
There needs to be improvements in the writing, storylines, flow and continuity, and we WANT them BEFORE season 3 starts, NOT gradually becoming apparent as season 3 airs! We don't care how they do it - poach writers from other, better shows, try different directors and take chances perhaps - but they MUST do it, for this show to be considered not only breakthrough TV, but ALSO damn good drama/comedy entertainment!!!

Ilene, take note hun - we're not just gay women gagging for any old tiny titbit of lesbianism on our screens!
We want QUALITY, not just QUANTITY! Let's just hope you can deliver in Season 3......

Agreed with any of the points made here? Disagreed? Have something to say?
Email and let her know!


The L Word Online has been designed by Oz and Slicey.  Unique images designed by Oz.  Site maintained by Oz & Slicey.  This website is intended to be fun and informative, and was created with respect to show appreciation for the women and men involved in the creation of TV's first real lesbian drama.  This site is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Showtime Networks Inc., the television series "The L Word," or any person involved in the making of the show.  No copyright infringement is intended.  Images and other borrowed content are copyright their respective owners.  Credit is given where due.  All original content is the sole property of  the creators of The L Word Online copyright October 2003.