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:: F A R E W E L L  L  W O R D ::
by Sharyn Jackson
Time Out New York, Issue 694, Jan 2009

Walk down memory lane with The L Word.

Missed an episode of Showtime’s over-the-top and completely addictive lesbian soap? These experts haven’t. To prepare you for The L Word’s sixth and final season premiere on Sunday 18, some of the Web’s most vocal L Word bloggers recap the best—and most devastating—story lines from the past five years, with a few season-six spoilers thrown in for good measure. Bonus: To keep things from getting too snarky, some of the cast members weigh in on their most memorable moments. Single tear.


R: Riese ( and

DS: Dorothy Snarker ( and

CT: Christine Treibel (

Season 1Jenny & Marina kissing

Hot girls take their clothes off! Welcome to this totally realistic portrayal of (fantasies about) lesbian life.

High point
DS: When the girls shared their coming-out stories during the Dinah Shore trip, it felt so real that, admit it, you sang along with them to “Closer to Fine.”

Low point
CT: Jenny watches manatees in order to find inspiration to write, so we have to watch them, too.

Season 2Shane and Carmen

There’s a new theme song by Betty, and it will stay in your head for the next four years.

High point
DS: And on Feb 20, 2005, the TV gods gave us Carmen de la Pica Morales. And it was good.

Low point
CT: Alice and Dana prove that your girlfriend will always cheat on you with her best friend.

Season 3Dana and Lara

Trannie in, tennis star out.

High point
CT: Max begins transitioning, providing audiences with a portrayal of queerness that does not include lipstick or True Religion jeans.

Low point
R: You know, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I was not a fan of the untimely death of Dana Fairbanks.

Season 4

Episodes magically morph into 45-minute infomercials for a networking website.

High point
DS: The epically hilarious Shane-Alice-Bette-Phyllis-Helena-Papi-Tasha-Jodi-Jenny-Kit-veterinarian-Stacy conference call that reminded us why we loved this show in the first place.

Low point
R: Dana just died? Anyone depressed or anything? Anyone wanna mention it? Okey-doke.

Season 5Jenny on Lez Girls movie set

Heads explode when the show becomes a movie-within-a-show—directed by Jenny.

High point
CT: The exploitation and misrepresentation of stereotypes of Chicana sexuality ends with the disappearance of Papi.

Low point
DS: Since when has Alice been so closed-minded? Where’d the old totally accepting, I’d-even-date-a-lesbian-man-or-a-vampire Alice go?

The Forecast: Season 6Mia Kirshner as Jenny Schecter

Old-timers return, absences are explained, new faces appear (hello, Elizabeth Berkley and Lucy Lawless!), an icky love affair is born, and Jenny kicks the bucket.

DS: Since Showtime has already revealed that Jenny dies in the first two minutes of the new season, the only question now is whodunit. Which is, of course, why we all tuned in to The L Word in the first place—the crime solving.

R: If Bettina breaks up, 65 percent of the show’s core audience will kill themselves, so I’m sure they’ll end up together. Shane’ll be hot per always. Probs the last episode will be a musical ending in nuclear war.

CT: Although everyone has their own theory about who killed Jenny, the important thing is that she is finally gone.

The L word premiers Sun 18 at Pacha at 8pm and on Showtime at 9pm


*the images corresponding with Seasons 3 & 4 were added by us and were not a part of the original article

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