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:: W I R E L E S S  C H A T ::
with Eric Lively

Q: Thanks 4 joining us Eric! Any opening comments for the fans?

A: Hi, thanks for coming!

Q: You come from a large acting family, would you welcome the opportunity for one of your siblings to guest star?

A: Yeah, if it were up to me. It would be great to have the opportunity to work with one of them. I havenít done that before

Q: What do you do 2 prepare for a scene?

A: Different actors work differently on the set. Mia, Kate and Lisa live together, so I spend a lot of time at their place. Mia always liked to prepare her scenes a couple of days before. Kate liked to generally read them for the 1st time on set. We have so much freedom with the words on the show that a lot of what comes out in the scene isnít even scripted.

Q: What's your fav part of working on the show?

A: Just the opportunity it provided me personally to be involved with something that deals with prejudice and minorities and societyís perception of women and homosexuals.

Q: What about your character makes him such a voyeur?!

A: I think Mark is a typical heterosexual male whoís grown up in LA under the influence of reality TV. The lines of his morality I donít think are very apparent to even himself, initially. And he becomes exposed to a world thatís existed around him but that heís never been aware of.

Q: Is your character falling for Shane?

A: I think he finds her effect on others fascinating. And at this point isnít even sure himself where his fascination begins or ends.

Q: How much input do you have into development of your character?

A: Obviously thereís an initial concept for the character. But, so many things that go into that. Ilene is very collaborative with us but often what winds up making the cut of the episode can steer the audienceís perception differently than what weíd planned, so itís more of a long term process.

Q: What's it like being the new guy?

A: Initially, it was difficult to fill the shoes of Tim, because he was a great actor and the audience, cast and crew loved him. More recently itís been a sort of disturbing response in my personal life. Because people have not been able to disassociate me as an actor from the character Iím playing. But itís definitely the best crew Iíve worked with. Iíve had an amazing time.

Q: Do you see your character as typical of how most hetero males see lesbians?

A: I think that itís too early to tell what Markís perception of lesbians is. While I donít think Mark represents ďthe heterosexual maleĒ by any means, I do think that there is a fantasy and lack of respect towards lesbians by a large amount of heterosexual males.

Q: Did you watch the 1st season of the L Word?

A: Yes, did you?

Q: Has working on the show made you more aware of peoples opinions of the gay community?

A: Absolutely. Itís been alarming and disappointing.

Q: Do you find any characteristics of your character in yourself?

A: I do think life reflects art, or art reflects life. Markís revelations throughout the course of the season have certainly mirrored some of my own.

Q: Any closing comments before we end, Eric?

A: Goodnight, thanks for coming. Bye!


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