Episode 6 – Love Shack Recap

By Jaqueline King

This is maybe my favorite episode so far in season 2? I watched it three times already and I’m ready to watch it again.

A little recap of last week:

1. Dani’s dad is in jail
2. Sophie was supposed to eat sushi with Finley but she ate her ex instead
3. Alice and Tom murdered lobsters in a nontraditional way
4. Bette is becoming Pippa Pascal’s #1 fan
5. Micah likes girls again now?

This episode starts off with Micah and Dani on a run together. YASSS. They’re supposed to be long-time friends but I hardly ever see them hanging out, so it’s nice to see. Dani is wearing yet another adorable workout outfit (I like her scrunchy jacket) and Micah has a really cool tattoo on his arm I haven’t noticed until now. I love how many tattoos the cast on this show has. I never thought about it before, but I don’t think I’m used to seeing many tattoos on TV?

Micah tells Dani the big news: he slept with a woman. Dani thought Micah was gay! Micah thought Micah was gay! Dani thought she was special! HAHA! I can’t get over the fact that these two dated. I love it. Micah tells Dani it was Maribel and Dani does not get mad at him sleeping with her ex-fiance’s sister which is pretty chill of her. She’s just like, was it good? Was she better than me? 😉

Okay, I’m going to need more Dani and Micah scenes because I love this.

Dani notices that Micah LIKESSSS / LOVEEEEEES Maribel, who has ghosted him since The Deed. Dani tells Micah that she’s been enjoying a “psuedosexual friendship” with Gigi.

Pseudosexual: Psuedo-sexual attraction is the state of being in the feeling of experiencing something remotely like sexual attraction, but it isn’t real sexual attraction even though it can be easily mistaken for it.

It isn’t real sexual attraction? It isn’t real sexual attraction?!?! I think it is 😉

Dani says she’s been thinking more about Gigi ever since they saw her dad get arrested, and Micah points out that this sounds like trauma bonding. Micah says he wants to meet her, and Dani points out that she can’t just go to Dana’s with the whole gang because of Sophie and Finley and Ugh. Micah says that it’s just as much her space as it is Sophie’s, except it’s not, because all her friends are still friends with Sophie and Finley and Ugh. Okay, one of the weirdest things about being queer is that your spaces are also your ex’s spaces so you have to learn to coexist with your exes and it’s straight-up weird.

Dani says she might face-punch Finley again. That’s fair. Finley deserves at least two more face-punches.

Sophie and Alice are going to Karaoke at Dana’s tonight and Alice is thinking of inviting Tom. To karaoke. And to mouth-kiss with him later.

Finley was called into work last-minute for Karaoke night, which means she had to postpone her date with Britt, a cool person who Finley does not want to marry, who is nice and fun and uses they/them pronouns. Finley jokes about inviting Britt to take advantage of her Dana’s discount, and Tess reminds her that she doesn’t get a discount. Whoa, no discount? I guess Dana’s job perks are limited to…a) working at a lesbian bar and b) being able to clock out to have sex whenever you want. Actually, there might be some clocked-in sex happening too. Yep, I think we’ve definitely witnessed some clocked-in sex.

Alice tells the girlies that she sent Tom a “Thinking of you” text and they all moan and groan and boo cuz that’s BASIC. Sophie is eyeballing Finley and plotting some drama and Shane begs her not to cause drama tonight. Is Sophie going to cause drama tonight? Probably.

Bette makes a musical entrance, cuz she’s doing vocal warmups! For karaoke! Ohmygod. YES.

Bette announces she’s tired of chasing people. This is very dramatic and cute because we all know Bette will never tire of chasing people. Chasing people is Bette’s literal favourite thing.

Shane asks, who are you chasing? Cuz I know it’s not Gigi.

Damn, Shane! Sick roast!

Bette takes this as the perfect opportunity to talk about her #1 crush, Pippa Pascal! She’s EVERYTHING. Does Bette want to bone her? She says no. I say yes. Bette has an idea! Should she stalk Pippa Pascal tonight? Her friends say no. Always run bad ideas by your friends so that they can say no and you can do the opposite <3

Sophie slides over to help Finley…y’know…with the…cables 😉 Finley keeps backing away from the sexual eye contact and keeps knocking electronics over in the process.

She runs off to complain to Tess. She’s hitting on me! She decides she’s going to tell Sophie to BACK OFF. Yeah, Sophie! Back off! Finley has a new lover. Their name is Britt. They’re NICE and FUN. They might get married!!!

Shane tells Bette and Alice that Cherie Jaffe came by. She says she didn’t sleep with her, but Bette doesn’t believe her. Alice shoots Bette a disapproving look. Shane and Alice ask Bette how things are going with Gigi and apparently things are OVER. Alice aptly remarks that Bette ruins everything. Then Bette has to make things worse by saying that her relationship with Gigi was not an epic meeting of the minds. I am ready to face-punch Bette right now.

What? Bette thinks she’s too smart for Gigi now? Come on. Gigi isn’t dumb, she’s just not enamoured by modern art. It’s not a symptom of failing intellect, it’s a symptom of a rational mind.

Do you think Bette will only ever be happy with another Tina? Like…someone who’s career-oriented, passionate about art, communicative but not overly emotional, and also kind of worships the ground Bette walks on?

Dani shows up at the bar with Gigi and Micah so it’s time for some ~drama~

Starting with Micah trying to talk to Maribel and Maribel being SUPER FUCKING WEIRD.

Micah: I haven’t heard from you in a while.

Maribel: Yeah, I’m a lawyer.


Shane: I’m the guy? Why am I always the guy?

Shane and Bette huddle up to discuss the fact that Alice and Tom will be banging later tonight.

Bette: I do not want to spend any time picturing that.

We will have to picture this and also view it, but that’s okay. We got through all the scenes of Tim with Jenny and we can get through this! What’s a few sweaty man torsos?

Dani was a fan of Bette’s karaoke jam and Bette has missed Dani. Oooo. Dani says she’s been working on something for Bette and she thinks she’ll be pleased. Working on what? Working on what?!

Shane excuses herself to the backroom to count her big stacks of karaoke cash and Tess is freaking out because Cherie broke up with her over the phone. Shane says she didn’t sleep with her! Tess storms out because she doesn’t believe her.

Everyone always thinks Shane is lying but Shane LITERALLY NEVER LIES. At least, I can’t remember Shane ever lying. Am I wrong? Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me one thing Shane has lied about.

There would be so many ways for Bette to break up with Gigi. She could go with the classic, it’s not you it’s me. That would be true! Or the other classic, I just really need to focus on work right now. Bette’s full-time job is now Pippa Pascal, so that would also be true! What about, I met someone?

Nope. Bette goes with, I need more.

Which implies that Gigi is somehow “less”? Uh, okay.

I always found Bette’s brand of narcissism mildly endearing, but she’s gone too far with this one. I’m all for being picky with your romantic connections, but she’s not being picky, she’s being impossible. Even Gigi notices this: Do you really think there’s someone out there that checks all of your boxes?

Bette knows there is. Her name starts with P and rhymes with Wippa.

I hope no one will be checking Bette’s boxes anytime soon. I hope Bette’s boxes go unattended. Good god, Bette. You could have been fucking Gigi in the bathroom but instead you’re out here acting stupid.

Alice is OBVIOUSLY trying to hit on Tom like the powerful bisexual she is. Tom keeps making remarks about Alice checking out ladies and wing-manning Alice with the ladies, which wins some points with me. He helped Alice write her autobiography so he must know that she’s bisexual. But he assumes that she prefers women which SHOULD BE the assumption. But people always assume bi women prefer men? And bi men also prefer men? PEOPLE ALWAYS ASSUME MEN ARE THE PREFERENCE.

Lucky for Tom, tonight he is the preference. But he doesn’t know that, so he slips off to find Alice “a plethora of lovely ladies”.

Speaking of preferring men, Dani wastes no time trying to hook Micah up with a man who must be gay because he sang a Kelly Clarkson song. I hope it was Because of You. Dani, wait! Micah likes women now!

A girl who APPARENTLY works at Dana’s delivers Dani a drink purchased by Sophie. I knew it! I knew there had to be other people working at Dana’s! There’s no way this place can run with Tess and Finley clocking out at all hours of the day to engage in minor crises/cunnilingus. There’s just no way. Why haven’t we met her yet? Why doesn’t she have a name?

Finley also works at Dana’s, but is she bringing people drinks? Don’t be silly. She’s on the back patio practicing her speech for Sophie. Shane confronts her and tells her to get back to work! Finley agrees and darts off after informing Shane that she fed the rats.

She fed…the rats? You make it really hard for me to defend you, Finley. You make it really hard.

Bette slipped away to meet up with her #1 crush, Pippa Pascal. And by “meet up with”, of course I mean mercilessly stalk. Pippa’s opening line is really sexy, something like, what are you doing here?

Maribel sees Micah talking to Faceless Hot Guy and gets mad. Then she runs over there to break up the chat by loudly revealing to anyone listening that she and Micah had SMEX. Faceless Hot Guy leaves because this is awkward. I can’t make any sense of this conversation and it makes me want to rip my hair out. How can Maribel be mad at Micah for talking to someone after she ghosted him for a week after SMEX? Not texting someone for a week after sex is universal code for: goodbye forever. I do not wish to climax with you again in the future.

Not only that, but she seems particularly pissed that Micah is talking to a GUY. Uh, Maribel…what? You already knew Micah was into guys. Maybe don’t sleep with a bi guy if you’re too insecure to deal with multi-gender competition? Or maybe LOCK IT DOWN if you don’t want Micah’s lips to wander.

Finley sees Dani and Sophie having a conversation and freaks out. To be fair, Sophie’s hand grab was a little much but these are lesbians we’re talking about. Psuedosexual relationships with the ex are a little inevitable, no?

Also, Dani is acting real cool in this episode. First of all, she teases Sophie about leaving her at the altar because apparently she’s over it. It’s been, what, two weeks? Very cool of her. Then, when Sophie drops her hand grab to go run after Finley, she does not even lose her shit. Basically every bad awkward scenario she could have imagined happening at Dana’s has already happened, and she’s just chilling.

Sophie chases Finley into one of the back rooms and some kind of fight ensues. Sophie swears there’s nothing going on with Dani. Finley is sick and tired of the mixed messages. Sophie is confused about the fact that Finley was just fucking someone else. The highlight of this fight for me is Sophie saying, there’s a lot to consider…nobody thinks we should be together.

Ah, there it is. Sophie’s worried about what people will think if she’s with Finley. Sophie is embarrassed by Finley. Cue door close.

Sophie…come on…really? Finley showed up on your wedding day to break up your wedding in a snapback. I think the only thing more embarrassing than 200 of your closest friends and family members finding out you cheated on your classy, rich fiance with your hot mess best friend is NOT ending up with your hot mess best friend. Call it a crime of passion?

Also, who doesn’t think Sophie should be with Finley?

Not Alice. Alice loves Finley. She says so when Sophie runs into her, post-fight and says, Finley’s not that bad. Again, who said Finley was bad?

Okay, I’m a little irked by Sophie’s quiet violence at this point. But do I still cry when Sophie gets on stage and sings “Closer” by Tegan & Sara at Finley’s face? OF COURSE I DO.

But first we have a Finley and Shane moment <3 <3 <3

This unbearably cute moment of Finley being the world’s worst employee and Shane being an exasperated boss (but good friend) is cut short when Finley & Sophie’s song starts playing. This almost pushes Finley further into despair until she realizes that Sophie is the one singing it.

Sophie inserting Finley’s name into Tegan & Sara and commenting on relevant lyrics (All you think of lately is getting underneath me= TRUE) is a little too much for Dani so she heads out. That’s more than fair. You did great tonight, baby! Take the rest of the night off!

Finley is definitely getting laid tonight and Britt is definitely getting one of those, sorry, I got back with my ex texts. Little known fact: this is the real reason lesbian first dates last 72 hours. Those 72 hours are crucial. We can’t take the risk.

Gigi runs after Dani, who, in her urgency to exit this dire situation, left her purse at Dana’s. Dani says, these are supposed to be my people! And Gigi says, they still are. Nothing has changed. Okay, she means well, but if we could all stop gaslighting Dani, that would be cool. She should definitely feel comfortable hanging out at Dana’s eventually, but maybe not…yet.

Finley and Sophie are slow dancing and Tom is watching across the bar, wondering why his love life isn’t this dramatic/romantic. I know why! Alice is on her 9th attempt to hit on Tom and she finally manages to communicate that she wants to go to sexy town. Good for Alice.

Shane shows up at Tess’s house to explain the Cherie situation. There was more that happened between her and Cherie. She told Cherie to back off. As in…back off of her. Also…back off of Tess. This should be reason enough for Tess to be mad, but I’m reading more sexual tension than anger in this scene. I’m confused. Why doesn’t Tess like Shane?

Bette expresses her interest in one of Pippa’s students and Pippa finally gives her a chance to lock down a deal. She needs a concrete opportunity to show her work: not just representation by a gallery.

Alice and Tom have sex. I saw it with my eyes.

Maribel is watching a Love & Basketball on her laptop in bed, hopefully contemplating her decision to act like such a fruitcake. Micah is watching the same movie on a laptop in a different bed, because they’re made for each other and destined to make babies.

Shane and Tess are still hanging out but not having sex?? Wow.


Finley and Sophie’s sex scene is full of interesting dialogue, like:

– Sophie apologizing for making Finley quit Alice’s (cool, take it back)
– Finley’s concern over f*cking on Dani’s bed (Sophie: Dani who?)
– Sophie thanking God for Finley’s tongue (hehe)

and, most importantly:

– Sophie apologizing for not going to Kansas City with Finley because SHE WAS GOING TO.

She was going to? She was going to leave her fiance at the gate of a hawaii flight for their would-be wedding and jump on a plane with Finley? To KANSAS CITY?

Damn. Sophie really had me going. This whole time I was thinking, maybe she did really want to be with Dani? Maybe it was really nutso for Finley to assume she would want to LEAVE HER FIANCE AT THE ALTAR? But no. Sophie was a breath away from leaving her fiance at the boarding gate to their destination wedding which is…okay, no, it’s nowhere near as bad. But still, I’m glad we’re done pretending that Sophie didn’t want to be with Finley THE WHOLE TIME.

Okay, I love the way Gigi looks at Dani. Dani is just eating ice cream and being cute and Gigi is looking at Dani like she’s the ice cream. And then Gigi says…I told you I’d let you know if my feelings have changed. And they have. They’ve changed.

This can only mean one thing. Gigi wants to lick Dani like a lollipop. She wants to eat her like an ice cream cone.

Both of them are veryyyyyyy fresh out of relationships, Gigi is potentially toxic, and Dani is especially emotionally fragile. So do I support it? Yes. 1000% yes. Why? Because it’s hot.

Gigi is hot. Dani is hot. I love lesbian sex.

That’s all for now. See you next week!

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