Episode 2 – Less Is More Recap

By Jaqueline King

WHEW!!! Episode 2 is here!!! Lemme tell you, I thought about this moment every day this week, several TIMES a day. The anticipation is killing me.

Okay. First off…Episode 2 surprised me. Episode 1 set me up with some lofty expectations. Episode 1 was seamless. I would know, I watched it like 6 times. Every line of dialogue was well-placed. Every scene kept me on my toes. It was breathtaking, really.

In Episode 2…there were some changes. And I don’t know that I’m complaining, but it caught me off-guard. Episode 2 was full of moments that were…how do I put this nicely?


Alice and Nat are making out against the wall

First off, Episode 2 starts with a flashback from two years ago and Alice has been with Nat for two years. Good to know. Why is she still so awkward with Nat’s kids? Gigi (Nat’s ex-wife) shows up during Alice and Nat’s first-ever-sexy moment and starts banging on the door all crazy.

Should I be worried?
Nat: Nah, this is normal. Wanna go back to having sex?

Enter Dani and Sophie are having breakfast, and Dani is like, hey guess what babe? I quit my job! Which is so not what you want to hear from the person you just got engaged to. This scene is painful to the max.

Finley leaning on the counter in Shane's condo talking to Shane

Finley is still staying at Shane’s (surprise, surprise), and I’m pretty excited about Finley’s wardrobe in this season, to be honest. She’s wearing an Original Penguin button down, which I commend. I have the exact same shirt in like 3 different colors. OP is a brand near and dear to my heart because it feels like their whole clothing line is made specifically for 5’6 men and lesbians.  Dani goes to work and is like, hey dad, I quit and also I just proposed to my girlfriend who you hate. That doesn’t go so well.

Alice and Sophie sit at a conference table at work
Your kid is sick
Alice: What kid?

Alice’s boss is pissed about her killing the “palatable lesbian” vibe by interviewing a mayorial candidate, so he brings in a straight white man writer to make things more “fun.”

Alice's boss and the white, male, new hire enjoy each other's ideas.
Boss man:
We brought someone in who knows nothing about your brand to help you stay true to your brand! 🙂
Alice: WTF?

This meeting is like a scene straight out of my life. The most unbelievable part of this scene is the words “palatable lesbian” coming out of a straight man’s mouth.  Alice’s outfit in this scene smashes. She’s got a silky yellow blazer and these fancy track pants. I love that they’re dressing her in so much yellow. Yellow is so underrated. Alice gets called out of work to pick up her girlfriend’s sick kid. Shane comes over and helps handle the situation. Alice seems grossed out by the puke…and children in general.

Shane sits on the couch with the sick boy.
Shane seems to have picked up more mom skills from those six months she took care of Shay than Alice has obtained after 2 years of being a “step parent”. Huh. This actually makes sense. I feel like in between Alice and Shane, Shane would probably be the better parent. Shane can be very empathetic and warm. Alice is just…focused on her career, which is totally fine. Not everyone is cut out for mom life. Why is Alice dating someone with kids?

Bette brings Angie to work to put labels on envelopes. Love that.

Bette gives the
Fuckity fuck!
Bette: Don’t fucking say fuck.

Dani carries all her work items in a box to her new office.
I brought my plant! 🙂 Where’s my office?
Bette’s assistant: Haha, you don’t have one.

Dani and Bette gaze at a painting with their heads together.

Bette and Dani stare at a painting on the wall. Bette says, “I’ll never forget the first time I saw The Dinner Party. Neither will I, Bette, neither will I. That scene of Bette staring at that painting and crying was iconic.

Bette and Dani are both wearing sleek pantsuits in matching plum and fuschia colors.

And then comes the biggest moment in the episode. Dani and Bette are having a meeting, and their outfits totally match. OMG!! Cute!! Bette is briefing Dani on all of her past indiscretions so that Dani is prepared to handle future PR disasters. So Bette is like, “I cheated on my wife…I went to prison…oh yeah, and Jenny killed herself.”


Did Bette seriously just casually drop the Jenny bomb in the first 20 minutes of the second episode?!?! I’m really hoping that this isn’t *really* the end of the Jenny debacle. I mean, come on!!! We waited 10 years for this! But really, there could be more to the story yet to unfold. I mean, even if someone did kill Jenny, they clearly weren’t caught, and if Bette knows who the killer is, she’s not going to, like, tell people.

Micah and neighbor boy go on their hot date.

Micha sitting at a restaurant table with his date.

Micah: I brought you somewhere with forks!!! And I have a gift card 🙂 🙂

Nobody cares about your gift card, Micah!

Later the two of them are getting flirty in the pool and neighbor boy asks Micah about his trans past. He’s like, did you always date men? And Micah says no. This is not surprising at all. My guess is that Micah is an ex-lesbian. I know about 5 trans dudes IRL, and all of them are gay men who are ex-lesbians. Micah is like, I don’t want to talk about my past!!! But I don’t blame neighbor boy for asking. It’s hard to make small chat with someone who is a gay ex-lesbian. I have questions.

Micha kissing his date's neck in the swimming pool.

Then Micah and neighbor boy get sexy in the pool. This scene is pretty hot, I’m not gonna lie.

Sophie invites her mom and aunties over to get turnt and she’s still salty about Dani quitting her job.

Sophie's mom sits on the couch while Sophie sits next to her on the floor and they chat.
I’m worried that Dani makes decisions without me.
Auntie: Just get married first, worry about that later!

Finley and Shane stand in Shane's apartment and look at the unfinished bench that Finley is building.

Shane gets home to her new roomie and Finley is like, hey mom I built you a bench!!! Finley’s peppy demeanor seems to be too much enthusiasm for moody Shane to deal with right now and she wonders aloud exactly how long Finley might be staying at Casa Shane. Shane has spent the day successfully avoiding a process server who is presumably trying to serve her with divorce papers. Naive, Midwestern-nice, human puppy dog Finley tells Shane “Something came for you. I signed for it. You’re welcome.” And Shane is too kind to tell her she fucked up. [Side Note: My boss was once avoiding being served legal papers by hiding out in someone else’s office. That worked until the newest, youngest member of our staff led the process server right to him. “Oh, there you are! Found him! You’re welcome.” And our boss was too nice to tell her she f-ed up. The rest of us made sure she knew, though. Bless her naive, Midwestern heart. ~Slicey]

Shane holds divorce papers in her hands.

Now that she officially has the divorce papers in her hands, Shane is ready to drink her cares away and Finley is ready to party and get laid, so she and Baby Shane hit the town. Shane roasts Finley for having no game, but to be fair, Finley puts herself out there. Finley walks around the bar and introduces herself to dozens of uninterested women. Shane just sits at the bar looking sexy until a woman approaches and whispers sweet nothings in her ear. What does she say?! “Meet me in the bathroom stall”?

Finley and Shane stand at a bar. Shane stares into her whiskey while Finley chats up the bartender.

I love the dynamic between Shane and Finley so far. Finley is a spritely young pup, a baby gay if you will, and Shane is like her lesbian sensei. I can’t wait to see their gay bromance blossom. Shane managed to live with Jenny, so she could probably be friends with anyone.

Ugh, I just remembered Shane and Jenny had sex. Ew.

Anyways, Finley asks a girl to buy her a drink and ends up going home with her. Brilliant move. I wish life were like the movies.

Meanwhile, Shane is doing real stud shit. Some dude gets aggressive when the bartender cuts him off, so Shane slams him to the floor. Yess! Shane has a flirty convo with the hot bartender about how the douchey bar used to be a lesbian bar back in the day. Shane’s all like, someone should buy the bar back and let you guys run it.

DUDE!!!! Is Shane going to buy a lesbian bar?! I so hope Shane is going to buy a lesbian bar. If I had tons of money, that’s exactly what I would do with it. My city is huge and there’s still only one lesbian bar…and it sucks.

Jordi tries to get Bette on her side by offering a possibly fake apology.
I <3 Angie
Bette: Drugs are bad!!!

Jordi shows up to Bette’s work and gives her a perfectly-crafted apology speech for corrupting Angie. Awwweeee!!! I love this scene. I hope Jordi and Angie end up dating. They’re so cute together.

Alice has a heart-to-heart with Nat’s ex-wife, Gigi. Gigi is super fine. She’s wearing a white button up…oof, she looks so good.

Gigi pours a pot of tea in Alice's kitchen.
: I made you some tea! 🙂
Alice: Did you poison it?

Micah makes a speech at Dani and Sophie's engagement party.

Micah reads a poem at the engagement party, and for some reason the ensuing lesbian sex montage makes me a little weepy.

I’m not sure how I feel about Dani and Sophie’s chemistry. The two of them are both so adorable, and I loved their opening sex scene in the last episode. I like that Sophie makes Dani laugh, because Dani seems a bit like the uptight workaholic type. But there’s something missing for me. I hope we learn more about their storyline (how they met, how long they’ve been together, etc.) I love a lesbian wedding scene but I’m not convinced they’ll actually get married.

What do you think of Sophie and Dani?
What about Bette’s reveal?

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6 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Less is More Recap​

  1. I think the Jenny part was the only way to go. They have to move on, yet acknowledge this awful storyline.
    It could have been more subtle.
    Something like:
    Bette: It was ruled as a suicide
    Dani: « Ruled as? »
    Bette: It WAS a suicide

    I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistake. Not a native English speaker.

  2. So, everyone on the interwebs is interpreting Finley’s nausea as alcohol/addiction-related. And it could be. But I thought it was more like a panic attack. I think Finley’s past makes it difficult for her to have sex with women without feeling guilty. Thus the alcohol needed to numb her inhibitions.

  3. “Later the two of them are getting flirty in the pool and neighbor boy asks Micah about his trans past. He’s like, did you always date men? And Micah says no.”

    Did he, though?
    I’m pretty sure Micah avoided answering the question by saying that he doesn’t talk about his pre-transition past.

    I’m going to have to watch this scene again.

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