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:: 8  A G A I N S T  8 ::
Press Release
by Lianne Stokes
October 20, 2008

On October 20, 2008, eight influential lesbian bloggers will launch 8 Against 8, an eight-day collaborative online fundraising drive to defeat Proposition 8, a ballot initiative that seeks to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in the State of California.

The bloggers would like to enlist the help of the media in promoting their cause. The bloggers’ 8 Against 8 campaign donation page is located at the following URL:

The bloggers include Pam Spaulding of, Dorothy Snarker of, Grace Chu and Grace Rosen of, Lori Hahn of, Kelly Leszczynski of, Sinclair of, Riese of , and Renee Gannon of

The idea came about last Friday when Grace Chu of logged onto Facebook and saw a few of her Facebook contacts openly campaigning for the passage of Proposition 8 via their status updates. “My initial reaction was to delete them from my Facebook contacts, because if you’re actively campaigning against my rights, you’re not my friend,” she said. “It totally ruined my morning.”

But instead of deleting her contacts, Chu decided to channel the power of the blogosphere to drive much-needed funds into the coffers of Equality California, the umbrella organization of the No on 8 campaign. Over the weekend, Chu assembled eight prominent lesbian bloggers to help get the word out and fundraise on behalf of Equality California’s No on 8 campaign. “Among the eight of us, we reach tens of thousands of eyes per day,” she said. “If we come together in a coordinated and unified effort, we could send a really powerful message, raise a ton of money, and make a real difference in the fight against Prop 8.”

Pam Spaulding of the highly influential and award-winning blog urges people to give to the No on Prop 8 campaign in the critical last days leading up to the election. Even if you have already given, it would greatly benefit the drive to defeat Prop 8 to give a little more. “We cannot allow an established civil right in the Golden State to be overturned at the ballot box. Every dollar you can give in these last in these last few days helps fight the dollars donated to enshrine discrimination into California's constitution,” said Spaulding.

Just last week, Equality California had released a bulletin that it was $10 million behind the opposition in fundraising. However, despite closing the gap this past week, there is still a ways to go. Furthermore, many current polls predict that Proposition 8 would pass if the election were held today. "There has never been a more important time for the queer community. This election will change our world for the better or put us back in the Dark Ages. It's not only critical we win for California, but for the rest of the country," said Sacramento resident Lori Hahn, owner of the popular lesbian family blog,

The bloggers have also sweetened the deal for any business entities that wish to get involved. “All companies and businesses that donate $100 dollars or more will get a free one week ad on and,” said Kelly Leszczynski of Chu also mentioned that other promotions may come up during the course of the campaign.

100% of the proceeds donated through the 8 Against 8 donation page at go directly to Equality California’s No on 8 Campaign.

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