:: L E X I N G T O N  &  C O N C O R D ::

Bette and Tina share a tender moment just as Jodi walks in and Tina gets introduced to Bette’s new love.

Helena gets back into the high life staying at Catherine’s hotel suite alone until Catherine unexpectedly returns demanding that Helena play in a poker game that night.

Shane and Paige become more to each other than skateboarding moms.

At Kit’s CD launch party, the duet with Angus falls apart as she can’t hold back her pain and anger over his infidelity as she explodes on stage leaving everyone at The Plane stunned.

In classic Papi fashion, she takes advantage of Kit’s vulnerable state of mind and takes her to a Latino bar, fuelling her anger over mojitos.

The clash and argument over their opposite views on the lraq war leads to an intense love making session for Alice and Tasha.

Bette feels it maybe gentler on her heart if she cools things off with Jodi.

Alice becomes increasingly concerned that Helena is being pimped out at the poker table by Catherine.

Jenny gets caught off guard by Stacey who accuses her of invading the lives of real people then promptly attacks her in a parking lot in front of her agents.

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Simone Bailly …. Grace
Peter Benson …. Dad
Eileen Bui …. Jun Ying
Alex Ferris …. Wilson
Sandrine Holt …. Catherine Rothberg
Camille Mitchell …. Becca
Rose Rollins …. Tasha williams

Written By: Ilene Chaiken Directed By: Jamie Babbit (But I’m a Cheerleader)

Feb 25, 2007 … 10:00PM … Showtime


Executive Producers … Ilene Chaiken & Rose Lam
Director of Photography … Robert Aschmann
Production Designer … Ricardo Spinace
Edited by … Lisa Binkley
Co-Executive Producer … Elizabeth Ziff
Producer … Angela Robinson
Creative Consultant …Adam Rapp
Casting by … Coreen Mayrs, CSA & Heike Brandstatter, CSA
Line Producer … Kim Steer
Production Manager … Christina Toy
Costume Designer … Cynthia Summer
Associate Producer … Louisa Rees
Music by … ezgirl
Main Title Theme Composed and Performed by … Betty
Staff Writers … Cherien Dabis, Ariel Schrag, Alexandra Kondracke
Art Directors … Cheryl Marion, Kristen Johnston
Set Director … Linda Vipond
Property Master … Bill Burd
Construction Coordinator … Ross Walshe
Key Grip … Garry Brook
Gaffer … Scott Clark
Make-Up Artist … Joann Fowler
Hair Stylist … Paul Edwards
Production Coordinator … Deana Kittson
Post Production Coordinator … Koah Kruse
Unit Publicist … Jackie Bissley


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