:: L U C K  B E  A  L A D Y ::

Shane finds out she totally underestimated the impact and coverage of her underwear modelling as billboards and merchandise hits the street and stores. After all the glitz and glamour of the premiere, Shane finds herself at Paige’s table eating meat loaf and feeling relieved.

Bette tries to hold her art program together as Phyllis lashes out at everyone after Alice calls it quits with her.

Shane’s Roll of the Dice film premiere gets out of control as a phone tree grows to unmanageable proportions.

Papi shows up with her crew to teach Helena, Alice and Shane poker and shares the cardinal rules of the game with the trio.

Papi’s friend Tasha (Rose Rollins) shows up at Alice’s and punches Alice unintentionally, after trying to break up a fight between two of Papi’s girlfriends.

Just as Alice warms up to Tasha, a heartbroken and relentless Phyllis shows up on her doorstep.

As Bette realizes that Jodi’s seemingly fearlessness is the place she needs to explore, Bette approaches Jodi and loses herself in a new experience only to find out Jodi has certain likes and dislikes.

Max advises a female co-worker to sue for sexual discrimination over being passed over for a job promotion.

Tina and Bette butt heads when it comes to registering Angelica for preschool.

In order to put the final nail into the relationship of Stacey and Lindsay, Jenny disguises herself as a big time magazine editor and gives Stacey the story of interviewing Shane at the film premiere. Problem is the magazine already has assigned a writer and Stacey is hauled off the red carpet as Jenny scoops up to Santa Barbara to see Lindsay.

Helena tries her hand at lady luck and antes up to a high stakes poker game.

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Enid-Raye Adams …. Tiffany
Daniel Bacon …. Guy Co-Worker
Carrie Fleming …. Saskia Philipps
Janina Gavankar …. Papi
Sandrine Holt …. Catherine Rothberg
Alyssa Pridham …. Ruby
Rose Rollins …. Tasha Williams
Grace Sherman …. Megan
Vanesa Tomasino …. Little Nicki

Written By: Angela Robinson  Directed By: Angela Robinson (DEBS)

Feb 11, 2007 … 10:00PM … Showtime


Executive Producers … Ilene Chaiken & Rose Lam
Director of Photography … Robert Aschmann
Production Designer … Ricardo Spinace
Edited by … Dave Rees
Co-Executive Producer … Elizabeth Ziff
Producer … Angela Robinson
Creative Consultant …Adam Rapp
Casting by … Coreen Mayrs, CSA & Heike Brandstatter, CSA
Line Producer … Kim Steer
Production Manager … Christina Toy
Costume Designer … Cynthia Summer
Associate Producer … Louisa Rees
Music by … ezgirl
Main Title Theme Composed and Performed by … Betty
Staff Writers … Cherien Dabis, Ariel Schrag, Alexandra Kondracke
Art Directors … Cheryl Marion, Kristen Johnston
Set Director … Linda Vipond
Property Master … Bill Burd
Construction Coordinator … Ross Walshe
Key Grip … Garry Brook
Gaffer … Scott Clark
Make-Up Artist … Joann Fowler
Hair Stylist … Paul Edwards
Production Coordinator … Deana Kittson
Post Production Coordinator … Koah Kruse
Unit Publicist … Jackie Bissley


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