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Totally smitten with her new found sexuality, Bette’s scared of the fallout between Alice and Phyllis if things don’t go exactly Phyllis’ way.

Jenny grows duplicitous when trying to get revenge on Stacey and resorts to enlisting a dying dog in order to meet Stacey’s girlfriend, a veterinarian.

Bette’s first business with artist-in-residence Jodi Lerner (Marlee Matlin) is asking her to hide a sculpture from an important donor who’s ultra-conservative but Jodi’s politics can’t be suppressed as Bette quickly finds out.

Max tells Brooke about his transition, who totally freaks out and storms out of a restaurant.

Papi calls out the girls to a basketball game for West Hollywood rights. But before the girls are completely annihilated, they give it all they’ve got.

Tina comes out to support the girls against Papi, but after Jenny rejects her as a lesbian, Tina crosses sides and joins Papi’s team.

Shay falls off his skateboard and breaks his arm. With no medical insurance, Shane is forced to model men’s underwear for a huge Hugo Boss campaign.

Shane reluctantly goes to “back to school” night and finds a friendly face in Paige (Kristanna Loken), a single mom whose son has become Shay’s best friend.

Phyllis decides to throw a big fundraising bash at her house and hires Helena as the caterer.

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Beverley Breuer …. Mrs. Rapson
Caroline Cave …. Lindsey English
Jeanie Cloutier …. Woman #2
Ulla Friis …. Hazel
Kandra King …. Woman #1
Steve Lawlor …. Principal
Olivia Windbiel …. Angelica Kennard

Written By: ELIZABETH ZIFF  Directed By: Jessica Sharzer

Jan 28, 2007 … 10:00PM … Showtime


Executive Producers … Ilene Chaiken & Rose Lam
Director of Photography … Robert Aschmann
Production Designer … Ricardo Spinace
Edited by … Lisa Jane Robison
Co-Executive Producer … Elizabeth Ziff
Producer … Angela Robinson
Creative Consultant …Adam Rapp
Casting by … Coreen Mayrs, CSA & Heike Brandstatter, CSA
Line Producer … Kim Steer
Production Manager … Christina Toy
Costume Designer … Cynthia Summer
Associate Producer … Louisa Rees
Music by … ezgirl
Main Title Theme Composed and Performed by … Betty
Staff Writers … Cherien Dabis, Ariel Schrag, Alexandra Kondracke
Art Directors … Cheryl Marion, Kristen Johnston
Set Director … Linda Vipond
Property Master … Bill Burd
Construction Coordinator … Ross Walshe
Key Grip … Garry Brook
Gaffer … Scott Clark
Make-Up Artist … Joann Fowler
Hair Stylist … Paul Edwards
Production Coordinator … Deana Kittson
Post Production Coordinator … Koah Kruse
Unit Publicist … Jackie Bissley


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