:: L I T T L E  B O Y  B L U E ::

Catherine gets a hot tip on a horse and decides to bet all of Helena’s winnings on ‘The Pink’ to win.

Max takes newfound friend Grace (Simone Bailly) home to attend her mother’s funeral where she faces off against her estranged family who don’t know about Moira/Max’s transitioning.

In typical Bette style, a simple dinner party to introduce Jodi to the rest of the girls becomes a high-stress catered affair where Bette’s Type-A personality rears its ugly head, much to Jodi’s disgust.

Kit binge drinks while Angus desperately tries to make her see how sorry he is.

A lonely Shane gets some cheering up from Paige and Jared.

Jenny and Tina finally find the perfect director, Kate Arden (Annabella Sciorra) for “Lez Girls”.

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Simone Bailly …. Grace
Haley Beauchamp …. Maggie Sweeney
Tara Frederick …. Sioban Sweeney
Sandrine Holt …. Catherine Rothberg
Rose Rollins …. Tasha williams
Written By: Elizabeth Ziff  Directed By: Karyn Kusama (Girlfight)

Mar 11, 2007 … 10:00PM … Showtime


Executive Producers … Ilene Chaiken & Rose Lam
Director of Photography … Robert Aschmann
Production Designer … Ricardo Spinace
Edited by … Lisa Jane Robison
Co-Executive Producer … Elizabeth Ziff
Producer … Angela Robinson
Creative Consultant …Adam Rapp
Casting by … Coreen Mayrs, CSA & Heike Brandstatter, CSA
Line Producer … Kim Steer
Production Manager … Christina Toy
Costume Designer … Cynthia Summer
Associate Producer … Louisa Rees
Music by … ezgirl
Main Title Theme Composed and Performed by … Betty
Staff Writers … Cherien Dabis, Ariel Schrag, Alexandra Kondracke
Art Directors … Cheryl Marion, Kristen Johnston
Set Director … Linda Vipond
Property Master … Bill Burd
Construction Coordinator … Ross Walshe
Key Grip … Garry Brook
Gaffer … Scott Clark
Make-Up Artist … Joann Fowler
Hair Stylist … Paul Edwards
Production Coordinator … Deana Kittson
Post Production Coordinator … Koah Kruse
Unit Publicist … Jackie Bissley


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