:: L E A D  F O L L O W  O R  G E T  O U T  O F  T H E  W A Y ::

As Bette finds herself attracted to a female monk at the Buddhist retreat, Tina goes on a date with a divorced man. Dana, friends again with Alice, is looking forward to a new career, and Jenny seeks the support of other people with transgendered partners. Meanwhile, Carmen tells the truth to her family, and Helena is served with a lawsuit.

The Sci-Fi Bard / Worlds Shortest Recap

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Guest Stars

Holly Dignard …. Chandra
Maria Dimou …. Patricia
Elena Murzello …. Anna 
Will Radford …. Steven
John Reardon …. Resident
Callum Keith Rennie …. Danny Wilson
Justine Warrington …. Retreatant

Written By:  Directed By: Moises Kaufman

5 March, 2006 … 10:00 PM … Showtime



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