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Tina moves out and considers her attraction to Helena; Alice gives Dana an ultimatum but Tonya has a shock in store; Jenny and Carmen bond over a lost puppy. from Showtime

Alice presses Dana to break up with Tonya.  Kit and Benjamin hook up.  Melissa Rivers has a cameo.  from TVGuide

Slicey Synopsis
*possible spoilers  Helena declares her attraction to Tina; Tina moves out on her own in an attempt to break Bette’s control over her life.  Bette gets yet another bombshell dropped on her from Helena and confronts a work colleague.  Mark continues to film his roommates and becomes obsessed with the mystery that is Shane.  Shane gets a surprise delivery.  Jenny gets a new assignment; goes on a date with Carmen.  Dana wants some lovin’ from Alice, but Al wants the whole package; Alice and Shane follow Dana to a tennis tournament where Al encourages Dana to break up with Tonya.  Tonya is waiting with a surprise of her own.  Bette tries once again for retribution; is it too late? 
(the “lost puppy” scene from Jenny and Carmen’s date was cut from the version I saw)

WRITTEN BY: Guinevere Turner  DIRECTED BY: Jeremy Podeswa

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Guest Stars

Sandra Bernhard …. Professor Charlotte Birch
Melissa Rivers …. herself
Michael Tomlinson ….
Chris William Martin ….
Meredith McGeachie …. Tonya
Charles S. Dutton …. Benjamin Bradshaw
Gomey …. Sam Easton
Baby Dykes …. Heather Douglas & Leanne Adachi
Kelly …. Stefanie von Pfetten
Handsome Man …. Vangelis Stolidis
Bob Glouberman …. Sophisticate (Older Man)

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