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Jenny and Shane’s new roommate launches a new video project: taping them; Bette and Tina’s brief reunion is marred when Bette gets some bad professional news. from Showtime

Slicey Synopsis
*possible spoilers  Tonya pushes forward with the wedding plans with a bachelorette party filled with naughty party favors, lesbian lap dances, and a few meaningful toasts from the bride’s friends and loved ones.  Alice and Dana take their relationship to a new level in a way that’s a little kinky, a lot sexy, and extremely hilarious.  Bette tries fixing her relationship with Tina, but gets a rude awakening with some unexpected news both at work and at home.  Jenny gets a boost of confidence from Shane’s haircut, and Shane starts her new job as a personal assistant (aka “the closer”).  Meanwhile, Mark enlists Shane and Jenny’s help on a new project, but reveals a hidden agenda.  Kit has another meeting with Benjamin Bradshaw.

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WRITTEN BY: Rose Troche  DIRECTED BY: Burr Steers

Guest Stars

Victoria Billingsley …. Young Jenny
Cameron MacDonald …. Director
Marsha Regis …. Maria
Camille Sullivan …. Valerie Goins
Meredith McGeachie …. Tonya

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