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:: F I L M I N G  I N  V A N C O U V E R ::
Keep up to date with the goings-on in the L word neighbourhood with our roving reporters reporting back to us from on location in Vancouver.
If something is going down in the Couver....we'll hopefully have it here.

**(Please do not link to any photos or media, do not take any photos or media from this site without permission. Thank you.)**

Sunday September 24th, 2005
Roving Reporter:
Occasion: The L Word Wrap Party at The Azure Lounge
Theme: Drag

So I went to the wrap party, waited 5 freakin hours. Ran into Rose Troche, to begin with, after they were an hour late. So Rose signed my L word cast shot :D Then Rachel Shelley and Mia Kirshner come. I talk to Rachel who goes "You missed one. That's Mia over there". I almost fell over realizing how short Mia was. I go "OMG Mia! Hey! OMG I love your work". The main reason I started to watch the L word was cos I love Mia! Anyways, she's like "OMG that's soo sweet, what's ur name?" and she wrote out a personalized autograph. Then my friend scared her off. My friend pulled her pants down and says "WILL YOU SIGN MY BOXERS?!" Mia was like "Uhh, Im getting cold and I'm a bit late, I want to go in now cos I didn't bring a jacket." So I persuaded her to let me get a pic with her! :D Mia was an hour and a half late.

Then Rachel comes running back and forth going "OMG THEY WERE RIGHT THERE! WHERE'D THEY GO!?". She was referring to Leisha, Kate and Erin who came like 30 mins later. So then there they are. So we get autographs and pics. They sign and try to quickly leave with Kate saying "We're late, we can't stay, we really gotta go". Then Erin stands there and goes "GUYS! YOU HAVE TIME FOR ONE PICTURE! GET BACK HERE"  Then they get a pic with us. Leisha was quiet, she looked annoyed. Well I understand the fact they were in a rush. They were like 2 hours late to their own party, but Erin was the nicest of them all. Then they signed my friend's boxers and Kate whipped out her Motorola Razor phone and was like "I'M SO TAKING A PIC OF THIS!" and her friend took it of them signing her ass LMAO!! It was great :D Anyways we waited and waited. Beals, Holloman and Sarah Shahi didn't come. But overall it was amazing. Mia is a shy person, she is totally like Jenny in person. Kate had like red/blonde/brown hair. Leisha was sorta quiet. Erin was all over the place and happy and bubbly and looks way better in person! By the way, Mia Kirshner is like between 4'11 and 5'1.




July, 2005
Roving Reporter:
They were filming near my house at 54th and Victoria last summer. This was the location of Wax. It used to be a
auto mechanic's place.


Friday May 27, 2005
Roving Reporter:
My friend Pat was walking behind Jennifer Beals on Denman Street last Friday around 5pm when they were swarmed by a crowd of very excited young people. Pat looked over at Jennifer with a horrified look that said 'who the hell ARE you?' as she had no clue. As Pat tried to make her way out of the crowd, she said "Good luck" and Jennifer replied "Thank you". Pat tried to figure out all weekend who it was and finally realized she was JB from Flashdance.


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