:: L I E S,  L I E S,  L I E S ::
Bette greets Tina’s pregnancy with apparent delight despite her work problems; Jenny’s relationship with Marina endangers her life with Tim; Dana’s insecurity continues and Alice’s mother problems escalate.
Lies, large and small, haunt everyone. Tim and Jenny’s relationship is under pressure. She is hiding her affair with Marina and he senses something is wrong. He thinks she may be involved with her ex-professor, ex-lover, Nick Barashkov (JULIAN SANDS). Nick’s real interest is professional; Jenny wrote a happily-ever-after story and he says it stinks, pushing Jenny to re-consider her attraction to Marina, her commitment to Tim, and where to go with her writing.
Tina is finally pregnant but Bette’s joy is tempered by not being the first to know and by her on-going battle with the museum chairman. It will take a miracle in the form of Peggy Peabody (HOLLAND TAYLOR) to overcome his manoeuvring and keep her job. Alice is both sympathetic to and appalled by her mother’s (ANNE ARCHER) pretences and considers taking up with men — especially Lisa (DEVON GUMMERSALL), a sensitive male lesbian. Dana’s insecurities threaten her now love.

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Irene Karas (Assistant) Anne Archer (Leonore Pieszecki)

Written By: Josh Senter  Directed By: Clement Virgo

02/08 … 10:00 PM … Showtime

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SHOWTIME ADVISORIES: Nudity, Adult Language, Adult Content
50 mins




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