Hello Again

Welcome back to The L Word Online.
It’s been a while. Back in October 2003, we were the first EVER L Word website launched onto the interwebs (that was way back when the internet was still newish and there were no things like Instagram and Facebook, crazy, I know!) and we are still here. We hope you not only enjoy the reboot of the show, but of this website too. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a look around. We hope you like what you see. 
~ Oz & Slicey
PS you can still revisit the old site anytime using the below banner. And come join all the fun on our Instagram page and our Facebook page as well.


25 Mar 2021 – Join us for L Con: After Dark Live on Youtube tomorrow with Ash Silver where we will discuss everything L Word!
29 Jan 2020 –
Music list up for episode 8
27 Jan 2020 –
Season Finale Recap is Live!
24 Jan 2020 –
Pictures are up from the episode 8 season finale
23 Jan 2020 –
We have just launched an exciting new contest to win tickets to ClexaCon 2020! Find out more here!
21 Jan 2020 –
Come join the discussion in our new Facebook Group
20 Jan 2020 –
Recap up for episode 7
19 Jan 2020 –
Music list for episode 7 out
15 Jan 2020 –
Read interviews with Laurel and Bette, as well as the news of renewal for season 2!
14 Jan 2020 –
Recap is up for episode 6
12 Jan 2020 –
Music list up for episode 6
Recap for ep 5 is up a little late, sorry
11 Jan 2020 –
Episode descriptions are up for ep 7 & 8
06 Jan 2020 –
Music updated with episode 5
05 Jan 2020 –
Added new pictures for eps 5,6 & 7
– Added new videos
01 Jan 2020 Music list for episode 4 is up!