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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
5.11 Lunar Cycle
:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::
ezgirl ... Recap ...previously on The L Word
ezgirl ... Teaser Tina talks about the marketing of Lez Girls with the ad guys.
BETTY ... Theme Song Opening Credits
Lily Allen ... Cheryl Tweedy Bette and Tina stuck in traffic. Helena Peabody being flown to the hospital.
Au Revoir Simone ... The Lucky One  BUY IT A nude Shane takes photos of Molly sleeping. Molly wakes up and they make love.
ezgirl ... Alice and Tasha Tasha getting ready for her new job as a security guard. Alice having breakfast.
Cecile Hercule ... Au Moins Une Fois Music playing at the outdoor cafe. Phyllis and Joyce sitting at a table waiting for Molly and Shane.
Inez & Charlie Foxx ... (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count The Days  BUY IT Music at The Planet. Kit is there with Dawn, Cindi, and their decorator. Helena arrives.
Felipecha ... J'Aime Dormir Back at the cafe. The women discussing Molly wanting to give up her supreme court internship to spend the summer surfing with Shane.
ezgirl ... Tasha On The Beach Tasha lying down on the grass near the beach. Alice approaches.
Inez & Charlie Foxx ... Baby Drop a Dime  BUY IT Back at the Planet. Helena talks to Kit about wanting to return to L.A.
ezgirl ... Broadwalk Alice and Tasha talking around near the beach. They meet Tasha's friends.
Jacquel ... Writing a Check  BUY IT At the Planet. Jenny and Tina discuss Lez Girls.
ezgirl ... Tina Gets Thrown Off Set Adele asks/makes Tina leave the set of Lez Girls.
The Pipettes ... Why Did You Stay? BUY IT Alice is getting a ride on Clea's scooter. They're pulled over by the police and given a ticket.
ezgirl ... Alice and Clea Alice and Clea nearly kiss on the bridge.
ezgirl ... Tina and Bette Poolside Tina and Bette near the pool. They discuss Lez Girls and also their relationship.
ezgirl ... Helena Visits SheBar Outside SheBar. Helena approaches Cindi with a proposition.
Koop ... Come To Me  BUY IT Bette arrives at Jodi's art show. Everyone is there. They discuss the wrap party.
ezgirl ... Jodi's Piece Bette finds out she's the main attraction of Jodi's new art piece "Core."
Slade ... Coz I Luv You  BUY IT Music playing at SheBar. The girls make an appearance and Helena throws Dawn out of the club.
Roxy Music ... Do The Strand  BUY IT Music at SheBar. Shane sends Molly to get a drink, then she hits on another girl. Molly leaves Shane.
ezgirl ... Wrap Party The ladies all arrive at the Lez Girls wrap party. (at Yamashiro)
Rue Melo ... Check It  BUY IT Inside the wrap party. Shane greeting everybody with "Happy Wrap Party!"
Koop ... Koop Island Blues  BUY IT At the wrap party. Adele and Begonia making out.
Isasc Hayes ... Walk On By  BUY IT At the wrap party. Bette and Tina dance while everyone watches. Outside, Shane and Niki Talk.
Carla Bruni ... Ballade at Thirty-five  BUY IT Outside the wrap party. Jenny walks up on Shane and Niki and sees them together.
Dionne Warwick ... Walk On By  BUY IT Jenny tells Shane that she broke her heart. End Credits.

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