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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
5.5 Lookin' At You, Kid
:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::
ezgirl ... Recap ...Previously on The L Word
ezgirl ... Teaser/Swing Out Roundtable introduction for the first table read of Lez Girls
BETTY ... Theme Song Opening Credits
The Staple Singers ... Something Ain't Right  BUY IT Music at The Planet. Bette & Tina talk.
The Sessions ... What Is This Feeling  BUY IT Shane pulls up to The Planet, flirts with Cindy.
New Young Pony Club ... The Get Go  BUY IT Shane listening to her iPod, making pot brownies.
ezgirl ... Alice In Lesboland Alice's podcast outing Daryl.
ezgirl ... Daryl Dance Clip of Daryl dancing with a man.
Spektrum ... Horny Pony  BUY IT Shane goes over to Cindy and Dawn's house.
Jaymes Bullet ... Killer Shane and Cindy have sex.
Mavis Staples ... Sweet Things You Do  BUY IT Background music at The Planet. Daryl Brewer apologizes on national TV.
ezgirl ... Adele Tina asks Adele to spy on Jenny.
Ping Pong Bitches ... Roc Ya Body   BUY IT Bette hangs up phone in her office. Transition to Shane fixing Jenny's hair in the kitchen of their home.
ezgirl ... Newscast Alice goes on the air to defend herself about outing Brewer.
Imitation Electric Piano ... I Mean Wow  BUY IT Jodi and Bette makeout. Bette tries to get out of going to the party.
Lita Ford ... Kiss Me Deadly  BUY IT Jenny's party at Shane & Jenny's house.
Client ... Lights Go Out  BUY IT Jenny's party; Alice arrives.
Ohm ... Spoon Me Bette storms out of Jenny's party. Bette & Tina talk.
Jackson 5 ... I Want You Back  BUY IT Everyone takes shots and dances together.
theSTART ... Surrender  BUY IT Jenny and Niki waiting in line for the bathroom.
theSTART ... Ciao Baby  BUY IT Jenny and Niki in the bathroom making out.
Asobi Seksu ... Goodbye  BUY IT Jenny and Niki in the closet having sex.
Costanza ... All The Girls Get Together and Rule  BUY IT
Adele sees Jenny and Niki in the closet having sex. Jodi finds a drunk Tina and makes her come sleep it off at Bette's house.
The Heart Throbs ... White Laughter  BUY IT Jodi puts Tina to bed.


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