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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
5.4 Let's Get This Party Started
:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::
ezgirl ... Recap ...Previously on The L Word
ezgirl ... Teaser A
Jorinda Garber reading for the part of Jessie (bad audition)
ezgirl ... Teaser B Niki Stevens reading for the part of Jessie (sexy audition)
ezgirl ... Teaser C Luchi Santis reading for the part of Jessie (angry audition)
BETTY ... Theme Song Opening Credits
True Music ... Sandunga  
ezgirl ... Alice Fucked 2 Officers leave Alice's apartment after harassing her.
ezgirl ... Slam  
Betty Everett ... Danger  BUY IT Shane in The Planet playing a video game & talking to Kit. Shane pictures all the women around her naked.
ezgirl ... L.A. Transition  
Vasithy ... Bouge (Radio Edit)  BUY IT Shane in Jenny's room. Jenny trying on clothes for She Bar.
ezgirl ... Kit Gun Kit buys a gun.
BETTY ... Back It Up The girls arrive at She Bar.
Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard ... Tu Fais Le Malin Women dancing at She Bar.
Miles Davis ... Solar  BUY IT Alice & Tasha arrive at the secret party.
Client ... Drive  BUY IT She Bar. Niki Stevens approaches Jenny.
Miles Davis ... Green Haze  BUY IT Secret party. Alice & Tasha dancing.
Maxxfemm ... Hope's All There Is  BUY IT Niki talks to Jenny about why she wants the role.
Margaret Berger ... Get Physical  BUY IT Dawn accosts Shane as she's leaving and takes her to the VIP room.
Fans of Jimmy Century ... Hot Sahara  BUY IT Dawn, Cindy, & Shane have sex in the VIP room. Max & Tom dance together.
Alice Smith ... Dream  BUY IT Bette & Tina talk and kiss and Bette starts crying.


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