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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
412 Long Time Coming
:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::
EzGirl ... Recap Previously on The L Word
Toshi Reagon ... How Long Random Act; Blues guitarist Toshi Reagon performs live as a street musician whom Bette listens to when she sees a "sign"
BETTY ... Main Title Opening Credits
The Staple Singers ... We've Got To Get Ourselves Together Music at The Planet; Jenny orders coffee, Tina runs into her and tells her the meeting's cancelled. Jenny tells her she's buying a puppy.
Bomber ... Action Music heard while Shane and Paige are making out at WAX; Jared almost catches them in the act.
EzGirl ... Tasha Leaves Tasha tries to tell Alice why she needs to do her job and leave for duty.
EzGirl ... Helena's Note (Bluesy guitar notes) Papi finds Catherine's bossy note left for Helena.
Isaac Hayes ... Drinking Shane and Paige out to lunch with Jared; trying to tell Jared that they're dating. Shane has a 'heart to heart' with him.
EzGirl ... Gotta Get Some Kate Arden tells Tina that "girls like her (Kate) don't stay on the market very long" so Tina better hurry and choose between her and Bette.
Lizzie West & the White Buffalo ... Portrait of an Artist As a Young Woman (Thank You) Music playing at the lodge Jodi is staying at while she & Tom call to talk to Bette.
EzGirl ... Max's Moment Max stands in the driveway thinking about his impending surgery after helping the girls load the van for their grand larceny spree.
Mr. Airplane Man ... C'mon DJ Bette, Alice, Shane run from the dogs as they're breaking and entering.
Mr. Airplane Man ... Commit a Crime The girls remove the sign from the building. Song continues as scene cuts back to stealing the sign; the girls almost get caught, but manage to get the entire sign down.
Client ... 6 in the Morning

Song playing at the hotel pool as Jenny shows up with the new "Sounder" to apologize to Kate Arden. Stacey Merkin shows up as a surprise - now working for VELVETPARK magazine. Stacey tells Kate about Jenny destroying her relationship with Lindsay.
EzGirl ... A Surreal Moment
Joyce Wishnea shows up to tell Bette she can't represent Phyllis because she's attracted to her. Tina and Bette are shocked; Joyce & Phyllis leave together.
EzGirl ... Tina Sighs Bette leaves Tina to go patch things up with Jodi.
Broadcast ... Before We Begin Shane & Paige love scene turns into an old-fashioned, sexy "husband and wife" daydream.
Toshi Reagon ... How Long Jenny tells Shane she got fired from her movie. Toshi performs again on the beach with Kit and Angus. Tasha's going away party on the beach.
Toshi Reagon ... How Long
(Toshi strums guitar while on the beach, no vocals in this montage scene)

Helena steals Catherine's money from the bank; Alice arrives to say goodbye to Tasha; Jenny is out to sea adrift on a raft.
PINK featuring Indigo Girls ... Dear Mr. President Jodi erects her sculpture in the field, saying she wants to hang something there; Bette conveniently shows up on a tractor driving the sign she stole for Jodi. END CREDITS.
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