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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
403 Lassoed
:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::
EzGirl ... Recap Previously on The L Word.
EzGirl ... Random Act Jenny screaming "Stacey!" outside Stacey Merkin's apartment building in the middle of the night.
BETTY ... Main Title Opening Credits
EzGirl ... Nadia Exits Nadia leaves Bette's office; cut to Shane & Shay arriving at school.
Alice ... Yael Music playing in Alice's apartment.
EzGirl ... Phyllis Wants To Go Phyllis leaves Bette's office after talking about the party taking place at The Planet later.
Annie Hayden ... Money Trouble Kit at The Planet talking to her dancers who are preparing for "Rancho Notorious;" Angus walks in with news of his record deal.
Rhett Miller ... Our Lov3 Music playing at Tina & Henry's party.
David Usher ... Hey Kids More music at the party.
Kathy Kirby ... Secret Love

Music playing at The Planet when Phyllis enters.
Margaret Lewis ... Shake a Leg The girls all arrive at The Planet
Ennio Morricone ... La Resi Dei Conti a/k/a Sixty Seconds to What "Showdown" scene when Shane and Papi first meet.
Margaret Lewis ... Shake a Leg After the showdown, the girls go to find a table.
Margaret Lewis ... Reconsider Me Phyllis approaches Bette's table; Angus' bandmates tell him he's out of the band.
EzGirl ... Angus Pull Out Angus pulls away from Kit when she comes to console him.
Goldfrapp ... Ooh La La

Phyllis joins Bette and the gang at the Planet for the Rancho Notorious party. Phyllis watches the cowgirls get down and dirty.
EzGirl ... Phyllis Inquires Phyllis asks Bette if Alice likes her.
RTX ... Limozine Helena working at Wax answering phones for Shane.
Edible Red ... Sugar and Spring Music playing at Wax (second scene).
EzGirl ... Max Sweating Max at the pool party looking at everyone around the pool in bathing suits.
Edible Red ... Sugar and Spring Back at Wax.
EzGirl ... Phyllis and Alice On a Date Alice comes to pick Phyllis up for their date.
The Rogers Sisters ... Never Learn To Cry Helena at Wax making mistakes.
EzGirl ... Walking Away Bette and Nadia leave the school after Bette offers Nadia a ride home.
The Cliks ... Complicated
Bette succumbs to Nadia and they make out in Bette's car; the ending credits roll.
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Rhett Miller ... Our Love
Goldfrapp ... Ooh La La
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