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:: S O U N D T R A C K ::
402 Livin' La Vida Loca

:: ARTIST ::                 :: SONG :: :: WHERE APPEARS IN EPISODE ::
EzGirl ... Recap Previously on The L Word
Jenny Peer ... La Carretilla Alice visits Latino bar #1 in search of Papi and is approached by four different people claiming to be Papi.
BETTY ... Main Title Main Titles
EzGirl ... Shay Overhears Shay overhears Jenny say that Shane is trying to get rid of him.
Mable John ... Running Out Tina tells Helena she's fired
Veda Brown ... Short Stoppin Alice checks her email at the Planet - talks to Tina about "heteroville." Kit comes in and talks to Alice, Tina & Helena about her abortion. The girls lecture Tina about Bette; Shane walks in.
Jean Knight ... Carry On Kit feeds Shay at the Planet while Shane talks to Alice about Helena.
EzGirl ... Nadia Job Nadia gets the job working for Bette. Leaves Bette's office as Bette watches her.
Deborah Glasgow ... Champion Lover Jenny, Shane, Alice, Kit, Bette & Helena talk at the Planet about Tina, Shay.
Studio Musicians ... Waltz From Coppelia Max eating dinner with Brooke
5 Alarm Music ... Teresita Alice walks into a new Latino club looking for Papi
Queen Omega ... Never Run From Jah (46:00) Papi driving Alice away in limo; Jenny meets with Curve reporter for interview
Sol ... No Me Hablas Así Papi and Alice arrive at the restaurant
Chelo Silva ... Esta Noche Tu Vendras Alice talks to Papi about how she gets so many women
EzGirl ... Max finishes date Max takes Brooke home where they kiss on her front porch
Studio Musicians ... Salve Me Alice & Papi having sex in the limo
Studio Musicians ... Mozart Concerto #23 Kit goes to talk to Bette about her guilt over the abortion
EzGirl ... Helena Meets Papi 1 Helena sees the limo parked on the side of the street. She watches Papi and Alice emerge from the limo. As Helena jogs down the street, she stops at the limo and meets Papi.
EzGirl ... Helena Meets Papi 2
EzGirl ... Helena Meets Papi 3
EzGirl ... UCLA BI 0:07 Exterior shot of UCLA; Bette meets with Nadia
L7 ... Wargasm

Shane tries to get her assistant to help with Shay while at WAX
Bikini Kill ... Rebel Girl

At WAX again, Shay spills a milkshake in some dye. When Shane turns around, Shay runs away.
EzGirl ... Shane Looking 1 Shane pulls up to meet the girls to organize a search party for Shay
The Hedrons ... Couldn't Leave Her Alone Music Playing at Skate Park
EzGirl ... Shane Looking 2 Truck driver brings Shay back to Shane
Ranchera All Stars feat. Maria E. Garcia ... Fallaste Corazon Closing credits
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Mable John - Running Out
Jean Knight - Carry On
L7 - Wargasm
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