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:: L E S S O N  N U M B E R  O N E ::

Recap by Janine Avril

Season 4, Ep 407
by Janine Avril

I’m sorry to say that if I were Bette I would run from Jodi like a bat out of hell. That woman has too many disclaimers. First, she says she doesn’t like children and then she admits that the minute she gets monogamous with someone she gets bored. As a mom who just came out of an eight year relationship, I would bolt out of there as fast as I could.

Next off, where the hell is Angelica? We haven’t seen her for weeks. And what happened to Helena’s two children??? Have they disinherited her because she was disinherited by Grandma Peabody? We’ve heard neither hide nor hare of them since Helena went broke, and I’m curious to know if we’re going to see them again and what Helena’s role as a mother is.

I’m glad Helena won her poker game and got to sleep with that dangerous little vixen of her own volition and not because she owed her fifty thousand dollars. It was kind of disgusting that all of her friends told her to do it because, “Everyone is a whore at some point in their life.” Not exactly. I’ve never been a whore. Neither have most of the people that I know. Maybe in Hollywood everyone’s been a whore at one point whether it’s been to score a line of coke or get something out of someone.

I was cringing when Jenny buried Sounder's ashes. I also find it hard to believe that she already has a new book out. The Season started with the release of “The Sum of her Parts.” Now suddenly she has a new book, “Lez Girls” that there are bidding wars over in the film industry. If she is such a great writer, why can’t she come up with some fictional names for her reality based characters? Is she trying to make enemies? Based on how she’s been acting I think she’s going to burn all of her bridges in Los Angeles and go back to the Midwest crying to her mother.

I still can’t help but feel that Tasha IS one of Alice’s new portals. Alice has been through a host of lovers since Dana died. The vampire. Papi the whore. Phyllis the married woman who is twice her age. Now it’s the black army chick. Any similarities between these women other than the fact that they are all totally different from one another? I really like Tasha’s character but I don’t think Alice is the right match for her.

The ask and tell helicopter was cute. Equally cute was Shay admitting to his class that his sister was gay.

It was sad for Kit to find out that Angus cheated on her from Tina; at first that scene through me for a bit of a loop because there was no previous mention of her and Angus breaking up or even taking some space. I had to watch it twice to figure out what happened.

My most pressing questions are: what is Phyllis going to do after she gets over Alice? And why is it that when someone is upset on this show they start drinking or doing cocaine? Between Shane doing coke when her life fell apart, Helena nursing a bottle of rum when she lost her inheritance and Phyllis hitting the bottle now that Alice has no interest in her, I’m wondering what the message is to the rest of us about how to handle life.

Stay tuned for commentary on episode 408, coming soon!

Until then,
Janine Avril

Janine Avril is a writer who lives and works in New York City

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