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:: L A Y U P / L E Z  G I R L S ::
#4.4 - #4.5

Recap by Janine Avril

Season 4, Ep 404 - 405
by Janine Avril

I'm going to kill 2 birds with one stone here...There has been a fine balance between L Word storylines that are depraved and ones that deeply resonate with me.

While I don't typically have sympathy for the cheater in a marriage, Phyllis is a rather endearing and sympathetic character. The portrayal of a married woman finally having her lesbian fantasies fulfilled is exciting and heartrending at the same time. I'm curious whether she will end up going on a downward spiral upon Alice's rejection of her, escaping back to the safety of her passionless marriage or whether she is really at the beginning of a long and luscious lesbian odyssey. We know from previews that Alice is going to burst her bubble. Will she wilt away from the L Word or will the progression of her character continue where we will get to see her move beyond the perils and thrills of teenage lesbian love on to a more settled, and mature relationship?

The chemistry is building between Bette and Jodi. Now all we need is that translator to go jerk off in some bathroom somewhere so they can be alone. This is going to be sexy. Those two have much more on screen chemistry than Alice and Phyllis. Alice looked bored to tears when Phyllis left Best Lesbian Sex Guide under her pillow. Watching those two make out is kind of painful.

Max is finally growing on me just a bit and It was bold of Daniela Sea to show her nude body on screen. I was happy that even though Brooke called Max a freak, she let him keep his job and didn't go crying to boss man Daddy. She kept his gender identity a private matter which I had not anticipated. I thought the show did a good job finally of making us feel for Max and his struggles.

We see our first black dyke since Candice the carpenter in Season One and she's just out of the military. I want a ride on her motorcycle and I like her voice and the fact that she doesn't smile.

Shane is adjusting to to the role of parenting. But since when does she apologize for hitting on someone? Now that she's a parent she's suddenly innocent? I hope we soon see her jump in the sack with Jared's sick of men straight mom. That would be hot. Mom's are hot.

Papi stole Shane's thunder and Shane graciously accepted defeat at the nightclub. No offence, but Papi's a real bumbling idiot. I don't like her personality or the way she calls Shane vanilla. She's a bullying moron.

Yet, I've been saving the harshest criticism for last. What are we supposed to feel when Jenny stalks a writer who insults her book and then goes that extra mile to track down the writer's veterinarian girlfriend, and then adopts a dying dog so she can go meet her? What are
we supposed to think her motives are and furthermore why do we spend any time thinking about it, myself included?

One clue that Stacey Merkin from Curve Magazine could have been on to something about Jenny, is Jenny's article in the New Yorker, where she can barely change the name of the friends she parodies. I'm glad that Alice had the last word with the Monet conversation.

I leave you with the following question: What job will Helena have next? This, more than anything, has me on my toes. Millionaire gone punk rock hairdresser's receptionist gone caterer. Next week she might be a massage therapist.

Until then,
Janine Avril

Janine Avril is a writer who lives and works in New York City

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