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:: L I V I N '  L A  V I D A  L O C A ::

Recap by Janine Avril

Season 4, Ep 402
by Janine Avril

As I am typing this, my cat Sebastian is drinking water out of a Starbucks mug. Why haven't there been any more cats on the L Word?Since Mr. Piddles there have been no new cats which I think is very depressing. These lesbians need cats to make their lives better.

Why did Max agree to date his boss's daughter and actually allows things to move past the first date because only an idiot would do such a thing. I hope Los Angeles has good unemployment benefits because Max is going to be on welfare in no time.

I was intrigued by the Shane/Shay storyline until it ended in utter confusion. I watched the episode three times and still could not figure out 1) why the slimy truck driver picked up ten year old Shay and 2) how the truck driver got in contact with Shane. These holes in the story can be perplexing.

Tina had to fire Helena. An interesting twist. I am still harped on the question of what Helena is going to do with her life. Is she going to become a yoga instructor? Millionaire gone yoga instructor. She is out of money, out of her own place to live and out of a job. She's up shits creek and she just slept with Papi who probably has a very serious STD after sleeping with 1357+ people. Poor Helena.

Papi seducing Alice was admittedly hot, although the repetition of "Circles are great" got a little tiring. I would have preferred her to just moan. I must say though that Leisha Hailey is looking sexy these days. She has really grown on me as a character. I also think that I like her more now that I realize that it was all a sham that she was the token bisexual on the show... It is Tina who is the true bisexual.

Tina has become unappealing, not because of her bisexuality at all, but because she is just such a snappy, tight ass these days. She was soft and sweet when we first met her in Season one, but she really has become a bitch on wheels.

I am liking the fact that Bette became "Dean Porter" of California University to help Phyllis (Cybil Sheppard) make her way out of the closet. It is clear that Bette was hired as a tool to ingratiate Phyllis into the world of lesbianism as an older woman. This is an important story to tell.

It is hilarious that Bette was able to bring James, her assistant from the C.A.C, with her to her new job. Why did he want to come with her when all she did was abuse him? Is he a glutton for punishment? Nonetheless, Bette is already showing signs of being much nicer at this job, probably so she doesn't get canned again.

Jenny is a true mess. This book deal has put her in rare form. She is crazier than in season one or two. She has no regard for people, even ten year old Shay. And what writer who has their head screwed on halfway straight would go to the office of a magazine that reviewed them and have a tantrum like that? I was embarrassed for her. Why is she so upset that she was called self indulgent? She IS totally self indulgent, totally self absorbed and better start self medicating really soon or check herself back into the CooCoo ward of the nearest hospital. I love looking at Mia Kirschner, but this Jenny character MUST reform herself soon or else I'm going to lose patience. I've given her the benefit of the doubt, but I'm starting to agree with all the hate mail about her.

Some questions to leave you with:
1) Why did it look like Alice went all the way to Tijuana to find Papi?
2) Why is Shay mute and why isn't anyone feeding him anything healthy? All he does is get fed junk food by Shane's friends.
3) How did Kit get pregnant when she is 60? Is this going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records?
4) Who was that truck driver? Tune in next week for more commentary and questions.

Until then,

Janine Avril

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