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:: L A W F U L L Y ::

By NancyAmazon

Lenore - Remember the other night at the party when we were talking?
Alice - Yeah, we were all talking. You can't be on the chart for talking.
Lenore - I know, would you listen to my story? [pause] We were talking and at the end of the night when we were saying our goodbyes we had a moment.
Alice - A moment?
Lenore - A romantic moment.

Alice - I need you to tell me exactly what happened.
Lenore - We kissed. Casually at first, and then it become more intimate. French.

Lara - So who is the sexiest tennis player in the world?
Dana - Anna Kournikova?

Lara - You are so fucking hot, I just wanna have sex with you right now.

Alice - You know what this means? It means I can never be gay again. I cannot be gay!
Shane - Come on, it's no big deal, your mum is really sexy for an older woman.

Shane - Shut up Alice OK, I'm the one who should be singing. Your mom got funky with ME, all right?

Alice - Why is my mum such a slutty slutty chicken-chasing pervert?

Marina - I think it has amazing potential.
Jenny - Potential?
Marina - Well, it's a draft, right?
Jenny - Yeah.
Marina - Well, you can't expect every story you write to just fall out of you and be gold.
Writing is re-writing. It doesn't make you less talented.
Jenny - Riiight.
Marina - Your strength is that you write from here [touches Jenny's heart]. Your demons that tempt you, that you struggle with... am I that demon?

Jenny - You have to understand that this was a big mistake. It was like watching yourself do something terrible and not being able to stop it.
Tim - Why? Why couldn't you stop it? Why was it so fucking hard?
jenny - I don't know.
Tim - When did it start?
Marina - That was the first time, the only time. We didn't even talk.
Tim - So you went from not talking to letting her eat you out?

Lara - I need help. I didn't know what you were wearing and I didn't want to look like twins. You know it's like saying "Wow, I'm so cute I wanna go out with me".

Harrison - You did the right thing. She's gotta understand it's not personal, it's business. Out and proud does not sell cars.

Tim - Tell me when it started.
Marina - It didn't. You saw all there was to see. The beginning, and the end.

Lara - So how was the party?
Dana - I know you hate me right now and I don't blame you. I should've called, I know. I always mess things up. [beat] Did I mess everything up? I'm sorry, it's just that you make me so happy and that's not a very familiar feeling, you know? [beat] Can I please try again? I really want to try again. Can I?
Lara - One thing.
Dana - Anything.
Lara - You have to start taking at least some steps toward being out.
Dana - I will.
Lara - Because you're going to be miserable being in the closet.
Dana - I know.
Lara - And you are really, really gay.
Dana - [whispers] I know.
Lara - And it's one of the things I like so much about you. When you hide that you're hiding the best part.

Kit - You reject Bette and Tina's child and that's just what you'll be doing. Do you really want to open your door thirteen years from now and see your daughter's face - older and a stranger's?

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