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:: L U N A R  C Y C L E ::

Quotes By

Tasha: "Jenny, this isn't a scene in your movie. You don't have to direct it."

Max: "I'm so glad I don't have to go through that anymore."
Kit: "I second that emotion."

Dawn: "Did you all sync up on the Subaru pink ride?"

Jodi: "Looks like somebody got here before me."

Bette: "Just tell her I have wicked P.M.S. I don't know. She probably doesn't even remember what that feels like." [about Phyllis]

Jodi: Are you in love with her?
Bette: It's very complicated.
Jodi: Of course it's complicated. I'm asking if you love her.
Bette: Yes. I love her.
Jodi: Do you love me?
Bette: Yes, I love you too.

Jodi: I know that I love you to the exclusion of everyone else.

Alice: We don't have to split the rent exactly down the middle.
Tasha: Yes, we fucking do.
Tasha: Alice, can we just keep looking?
Alice: I hope you bleed soon. I really do.

Amy: I never thought I'd say this, but I actually think that Jenny's got some...
Tina: Talent?

Jenny: Who did this?
Adele: Well, I think it's fair to say that you and Niki did it.

Adele: It musn't be tainted by a scandal tied to the completely reckless and .... behavior caused by the people entrusted to this movie

Jodi: Stop managing me. I'm not Phyllis. I'm not one of your students. I know what you're doing.

Tasha: Because our relationship will be unbalanced if you pay a bigger portion of the rent.
Alice: I will be out of balance if you make me live in a shithole.

Tina: There's no way I'm going to let that bitch walk away with our movie.
Jenny: It IS our movie. It's OUR movie.

Alice: Oh come on, Mary, you know you want to try it. All the straight girls do.

Alice: Tsk, tsk, don't protest too much.

MaryAnne: I don't know what you're insinuating. Not everyone is gay.
Alice: And thank God for that.

What inspires you to dress women?
Leisha: I bet it's the same reason that I like to undress them?

Clea Mason: It's also sexy to wear lingerie under men's clothes.
Alice: Totally hot.

Tina: I'm just worried about Niki.
Shane: Oh, fuck Niki, come on.
Tina: She would have been under Breach of Contract. She did the right thing.
Shane: No, she didn't.

Kit: Bette, i'm in trouble. I'm gonna (I wanna?) do something bad.

You got a call from W magazine. They want you to be the art power couple.

Alice: Do your cheeks hurt from all of the smiling you have to do.

Jodi: You said you weren't going to let me go. You said you were going to fight for our relationship.
Bette: I meant a friendship.
Jodi: I don't want a friendship with you!

Bette [about Jodi]: I love who you are. I love how you stand in the world. I love your passion, your anger.

Shane: Jenny, Adele is...
Jenny: What?
Shane: She's a snake. A snake in the grass. She's a fucking serpent.

Jenny: I have terrible cramps.
Shane: You do?
Jenny: Can I have another hit off the bong.

Shane: I was about to give you a compliment though. I admire you.
Jenny: You do?

Jenny: I'm going to throw the compliment right back at you.
Shane: Oh yeah, what's that?
Jenny: You didn't have to come with me today.

Shane: You're my best friend. You know that. So, of course I would do that. It's the truth.

Jenny: Max. The Oracle.

Shane: Max, you're the shit. I gotta listen to you.
Max: You guys are so stoned.
Jenny: Max, Adele has fucked me over.

Jenny: I should have listened to you.

Tina: You're not going to believe the day that I had.
Bette: I bet I could give you a run for your money.
Kit: I bet I could give you both a run for your money.



Product Placements in this episode

Free City: Shane wearing "Let's Go" hoodie.
Tag Heuer: Jodi bought Bette a watch for her birthday.

Trivia, interesting tidbits, and noticeable film flubs:

* Jodi and Bette are wearing nearly matching business suits.


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