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:: L A Y  D O W N  T H E  L A W ::

Quotes By

Niki's Agent: I'd fuck him.
A dick that everybody likes.

Tina: I need to talk to you - RIGHT - NOW.
Okay, okay. [softly, to Adele] Mom's calling.

Tina: They're insisting she take a date to the Liquid Heat premiere tomorrow night.
Jenny: Oh, she is. She's taking me.
Tina: Not unless you grow a penis.

Niki: And they're making me take fucking Greg. That cheeseball, Greg.
Jenny: The Greg who plays Tim in the fucking film? That midget?

You could end up like her.
Molly: What's wrong with Shane?
Phyllis: She's a hairdresser. That's what happens to people who don't get degrees, they end up in the service professions.

Phyllis: She's a lothario, and a cad. and the kind of boy you fall in love with in high school before you know any better. Thank G-d you're not a lesbian.

Phyllis: Where are you going?
To go gay for Shane. We're going to adopt Chinese babies and live in a trailer park.

Molly: Hi.
Oh my G-d, you're alive.
I'm sorry I didn't call you back.
I called you? I might have called you, but it was a long time ago. Alzheimer's kicked in at some point.

Jenny: [to the security] I don't like you.

Molly: You're thinking, 'here's this stupid little straight girl who doesn't know who she is or what she wants to do with her  life', and you're just going to sit there and be charming until I sleep with you.
Oh! I think nothing of the sort.
You don't want to sleep with me.
Why not?!

Shane: And then I'd be stuck in the cold with nothing but the distant memory of mediocre sex. And I'd be out of cigarettes.

Colonel Davis: It's nice to see you again Ms. Pieszecki.
Alice: I wish I could say the same.

Colonel Davis: Have you had sexual relations with Captain Williams?
Alice: You know what? This whole thing - this whole thing is a crock. It's a frickin' witch hunt.
I mean, you're trying to say that Tasha's a lesbian because of her association with me. With lame, trumped up evidence. I'm sorry, but I could just as easily say that I think you're a lesbian, Colonel Davis. With the propensity to engage in homosexual conduct because of the way you looked at me in the hallway the other day.
Colonel Davis: That's enough, Ms. Pieszecki.
Alice: I mean, if all I have to do is establish that you know a lesbian, one lesbian, and maybe you had lunch with her once.  I bet there aren't a lot of women who wear that uniform who haven't eaten out with a lesbian in their time.

Colonel Davis:
I'd like to request a 15 minute recess to let Ms. Pieszecki collect herself.
Alice: I'm okay. If you wanna keep... [everyone leaves the courtroom] Did I say something?

It seems so wrong, now, to have my personal freedom denied to me within my own country. It seems wrong to watch the person that I love to be interrogated like a criminal when she did nothing wrong.
Colonel Davis: Person you love. To whom are you referring, Captain Williams.
Tasha: Alice Pieszecki, Colonel.

Colonel Davis: It's a shame, Captain Williams. Personal freedom is an enviable thing. But personal sacrifice to ensure that many more Americans can enjoy their freedom. That's the nobler cause. Good luck to you.


Product Placements in this episode

FREE CITY: Shane wearing a black FREE CITY t-shirt during her bike ride with Jodi.

OurChart: Talked about during Tasha's trial and a screenshot of Alice's "chart" is shown.

Trivia, interesting tidbits, and noticeable film flubs:

Colonel Davis was wearing RayBan aviator sunglasses in the last scene. Maybe it was a nod to Top Gun.


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