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:: L O O K I N '  A T  Y O U  K I D ::

Quotes By

Alice: Oh my G-d! You little sneaky fag!

Tasha: That little piece of shit poser!  It's one thing to keep your business to yourself; but it's another thing to go spread lies and hatred.
I know! He was like three feet away from me - asking me about my shoes.
Tasha: Whatever. He'll get his some day.
It's because of people like that that you have to fight so hard to keep your job.
I wish I could smack the shit out of that guy and out his hypocritical ass, but it ain't going to happen.

Cindy: Apparently L.A. lesbians like to do everything in their car.
That and they love their caffeine.

Jenny: Don't listen to her. She wears mom jeans with camel toe.

Shane: Jesus! Fuck, Adele. You scared the shit out of me, woman.

Alice: How's Jenny's indentured servant working out there?
Shane: I gotta say, I think she's kinda cute.
Alice: I know! In a nerdy way. I think so too.
Shane: Right. Yes. I think she could be kinda hot.

Shane: Do me a favor. Call her, get her over here, then we can all bring sexy back together.

Tina: I know you want to fix everything okay, but you just have to let her fail or succeed all on her own. Okay? Otherwise it's just a disaster. For both of you.
Bette: So, you're saying that I should stay out of it?

Shane: Now that was some good thinking.

Alice: I do not think it's okay to kiss your boyfriend one day and then go out and trash gay people the next!

Shane: So, you're playing Shaun?
Shaun actress: Yep.
Shane: Good. Congratulations.
Shaun actress: Thanks. You know, I'm not gay.
Shane: Okay.
Shaun actress: I have a boyfriend, so....
Shane: Good for you.
Shaun actress: I just play gay.
Shane: Riiiiight.
Shaun actress: Gay for pay.
Shane: [chucking] That's cute.

Bette: Does she seriously think that Jenny's idiotic drivel is reflective of me and my life at all? I can't answer your fucking "why's." You know why? Because it's not me. It's not me. And apart from anything else I am frankly - fucking flabbergasted! I am flabbergasted that she has such a white actress...she's white. Okay. Was Mary fucking Poppins not available? I mean, really, what the fuck can she possibly know about my life. What can she know?
Isabella: Is she black?

Bette: I want to go. I want to get out of here.
Jodi: What's the matter with you?
Bette: You're flirting with her.
Jodi:I'm having a good time.
Bette: With that Helena clone?
Jodi:I'm not flirting with her. I'm just talking with her. She's nice and interesting.
Bette: She's all over you.
Jodi:You're insane! She's the straightest person I've ever met! I was trying to explain to her how lesbian sex works. Plus, she has a boyfriend. Chill out!
Bette: Well, I'm leaving.
Jodi:Fine. I'll see you later.
Bette: Fine.

Tina: What happened the other night, it was a mistake. It just shouldn't have happened.
Bette: We just got caught up - in a moment.
Tina: It's just not going to happen again.
Bette: No, of course not. Are you sorry that it did?
Tina: Yes, I am. [long pause] Are you in love with Jodi?
Bette: Yes, I am.

Shane: [offering a brownie] You want one?
Shaun actress: Oh no, I'm good.
Shane: Hey listen, they're not gay. I promise.
Alice: Oh my G-d, what if they were gay! What if the brownies were gay?!
Shane: They're all fucking each other.
Shane & Alice: [making talking brownie noises]
Alice: Hey, you're hot!

Jenny: And then you remember that you have this man, named Jim, who likes to swim.

Jenny: Where's the lock? Where's my...? There's no lock.

Niki: We're going to fuck in a closet.
Jenny: The irony hasn't escaped me.

Shane: I used to fuck in this pool.
Tina: Fuck it. Who cares. This used to be my pool.
Alice: You guys, I think I lost my buzz. I'm going to go get another pot brownie.


Product Placements in this episode

FREE CITY: Tasha wearing FREE CITY "Nature" tank top.

Trivia, interesting tidbits, and noticeable film flubs:

I thought Shane "got rid of all her low jeans."

It looks like they blur out Jennifer Beals possible exposed nipple in the makeout scene with Jodi.

Is it just me, or does Jenny seem to say "Hello Jodi!" much louder than she says hello to Bette?


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