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:: L E T ' S  G E T  T H I S  P A R T Y  S T A R T E D ::

Quotes By

Jenny: (After Luchi slaps woman in script reading) "That was awesome! That was totally amazing. I loved it."

Alice: "Are you gonna go, Shane?"
Shane: "Uh, I haven't decided yet."
Alice: "Oh come on, when's the last time you missed a club opening."
Jenny: "It's gonna be torture for her."
Shane: "I didn't say that. I just said I hadn't decided. That's all."

(Bette finds out Tina slept with Brenda on the first date)
Bette: "No!"
Jodi: "OW! What the fuck, Bette?"

Bette: "I don't know, I just think we should sign Angelica up for self-defence class."
Tina: "Let's just wait til she gets out of the stroller first."

Kit: "What if this motherfucker has a gun?"

Alice: "I think Summer likes you."
Shane: "Would you please shut the fuck up? God, frickin mouth."
Alice: "Has anybody seen Shane's vagina, 'cause I think she dropped it somewhere."

Tina: "She's not fuckable!"

Jenny: "You have a small dick!"
Producer: "How does she know how small my dick is?!"

Kit: "She's a hottie."
Shane: "That's NOT why I'm playing this game."

Alice: "C'mon, what's the point of going to a secret love party without my secret love?"

Shane: "That I love."
Jenny: "Why?"
Shane: "Because it's see-through."

Jenny: "Can I have a Nicorette?"

Jenny: "I got a present! I'm so excited, I love presents so much. Nobody gives me presents."

Jenny: "Oh my God, this is so expensive. I could buy a house ... in Cambodia, with this watch."

Jenny: Why are you looking at me like that? Stop leering."

Shane: "Jesus Christ, it's like South Beach threw up."

"There's some girl out front, says she's a director. Says she wants to put She Bar in a movie."
Shane: "Guess who."
Bette: "That would be Jenny."

Alice: "So everyone here is on the DL, like us. I hope we see some famous closet cases - it would be fun!"

Alice: "I hope we see Matthew. Or Beyonce, that would be fun."
Tasha: "Beyonce's not gay, Alice."
Alice: "Oh come on, you don't know. A girl can dream."
Alice: "I hope we see something scandalous, though."



Product Placements in this episode:

OurChart: My Blog "Transgender"
Grace: "You have 17 messages already."
Max: "That's nothing. I think Alice gets like 50 in the first hour that she posts."

OurChart #2: "Guestbians"
Another plug of OurChart and their contents.

Officer: "What's VelvetPark?"
Alice: "It's a magazine."

OurChart #3: The Chart
Officer: "It's like a low-tech version of what you have on your lesbian website."

Girl Bar: Robin & Sandy
She bar: Dawn & Cindy

OurChart #4: Podcast (seriously, again?)
"You're very entertaining with your Podcasts."


Preach of the Week:

Kit: "It's so important to support women's businesses."

Grace & Max: It's wrong for lesbians to dis trans men.


Trivia, interesting tidbits, and noticeable film flubs:

* "She Bar" is obviously a copy of "Girl Bar" in L.A. owned by Robin Gans and Sandy Sachs.

* Adele: "She quit smoking.." Since when has Jenny smoked?

* How does Alice know "famous, closeted people?" Is Alice "famous" and nobody told us?

* Jenny spits her gum out twice.


The L Word Online has been designed by Oz and Slicey.  Unique images designed by Oz.  Site maintained by Oz & Slicey.  This website is intended to be fun and informative, and was created with respect to show appreciation for the women and men involved in the creation of TV's first real lesbian drama.  This site is not endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Showtime Networks Inc., the television series "The L Word," or any person involved in the making of the show.  No copyright infringement is intended.  Images and other borrowed content are copyright their respective owners.  Credit is given where due.  All original content is the sole property of  the creators of The L Word Online copyright October 2003.