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:: L E T S  G E T  T H I S  P A R T Y  S T A R T E D ::
#5.04 Recap Blog by Riese



Repeat, Repeat The Words I Know We Both Said: Back in Secret Room Number 500, Tina's hiding from Brenda and Bette's looking for Shane and can't find her. Bette and Tina are both making similar fashion mistakes. This conversation barely even exists on the surface, it's almost entirely subtext. They should be together forever and be passive aggressive for all of time, it's romantic. Also, p.s., admitting that you're not happy in your present relationship to an ex = secret code for "I miss you." Tina says this just SOOOO isn't her scene. Aw, you just want them to say, "Let's get underneath our hood of boring" and walk off the boat together.


Lesbian Sexy Moment #12: Are You Ten Years Ago?
The Players: Bette and Tina
The Pick-Up: Probs their whole lives 'til now.
Hot or Not?: Hot. Tina tells Bette she's lucky to have Jodi and Bette's agreement isn't convincing. Tina gets up to leave and Bette reaches out and stops her, they start kissing, and then Bette starts crying. They kiss, and cry, and this isn't when we expected this to happen in the season, but we're certainly not complaining. Hot.

Cait: Oh my God every 40-year-old lesbian in America's head just exploded!
Alex: Why is Bette crying?
Riese: 'Cause she knows they're stuck with each other for life and there's nothing they can do about it, and that nothing else matters, there's no one else they can be with, and that's really scary to realise. I'd totally be crying too. I've totally been there.
Cait: I feel like we have a major spoiler you guys! Oh my God!

The Round-Up:
Lesbian Sexy Moments: 3 this episode, 12 total
Lesbian Squabbles: 2 this episode, 10 total
Quote of the Week: Shane
Really Papi Really Award: Nikki Stevens
On a Scale of 1 to 10: We're in Miami, therefore life is beautiful. Buy yeah, good episode.

The Population of The Vortex is as Follows: Mark, Nadia, Angus, Papi, Sounder, Shay.
Pending Vortex Status: Helena, Phyllis, Angelica.

*Moved Comments to Main Page.*

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