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:: L 2  C O N V E N T I O N ::
London, UK
November 10-12, 2006


*Photos by Jennifer / Starfury

We sent along our L Word Online correspondent Hannelie Booyens to get us the low down on what went on at L2.

Greetings, fans of the L Word Online!

Here it is then: the luckiest fan in L Word la-la land’s report on the show's second London convention. Back in good old South Africa the whole experience seems a bit dreamlike. Have I really met Alice, Tina, Shane, Jenny and Gabby? Did I really sit in a hall with hundreds of hardcore lesbians, drooling over our favourite actresses in the world? Did that blonde Swedish baby dyke who claims she’s straight really make a pass at me or was it my imagination? Did Tina really whisper: "You’ve got cute dimples" and if it wasn’t Shane, who did I shag on the night bus back to Kensington? So many questions, so many fond feverish fantasies.
Now that I can see straight again I’d better reassure those of you who were jealous about not getting close up and personal with the guests that it was no easy feat getting within speaking distance of the fab five. The organiser of the event, Sean Harry, was more difficult to pin down than a kangaroo on a trampoline. It was a logistical nightmare arranging to slot in interviews because the stars were so busy posing for photographs, signing autographs and addressing adoring fans, but a little more co-operation would have saved moi hours of prancing up and down the Radisson’s corridors like a desperate drag queen looking for lip gloss. When I was finally allowed into the hallowed Green Room I had only ten minutes with Leisha, Laurel and Guinevere. The limited time meant I couldn’t ask half of the questions I had wanted to but, hey, I’m not bitter. It was worth the wait, as all of them were charming, even more stunning than on TV, and very keen to share some thoughts with fans of the L Word Online. Of the three Guin is the most eloquent, Laurel is the sweetest and Leisha the shyest - and her giggle is by far the cutest!

Before we get to the actual interviews I’d like to share some noteworthy tit-bits that came up in the course of the L2 convention:

* If there was a mantra to the weekend it’s the actors' insistence that they sometimes share the fan’s frustration with the storyline. Mia Kirshner was somewhat more outspoken than the others, saying she found some scenes ‘’excruciating’’ to play and watch. At one point she asked the audience whether the Moira / Max sex change storyline was represented realistically (‘’NO!’’ the fans shouted) and whether they liked it (another overwhelming ‘’NO!!!’’ from the audience).

* It seems none of the cast members approved of Dana dying. Kate Moennig said it best: ‘’Fuck it, don’t ask me why she died. I don’t write that shit. It was terrible. I don’t approve of her dying.’’

* Everybody agrees scenes with the original cast members are the most fun to do. It seems the actors are not over the moon about all the new cast members and ‘’day players’’ in the 4th Season. Apart from Cybil Shepherd, no other new cast member was mentioned by name in the sessions I attended. We were reminded quite a few times by the actors that there are a total of 15 characters in the 4th season. They did not seem entirely happy about it and would have preferred if the storyline centred more around the original characters.

* ‘The OC’ on the L Word set refers to the Off Camera story lines the actors construct to make sense of their characters - and to have some fun in filling in the sometimes inexplicable gaps. Kate Moennig seems to be the biggest OC proponent.
* The actors would all like to see more added features on the DVD’s. They would love to share the funny out-takes with fans. Kate suggested we write to the producers, so let them e-mails roll!

* After Mia’s lengthy answer to the question about how difficult and important it is for actors in Hollywood to come out as gay, Kate’s only comment was: ‘‘This show is a step forward.’’ Was this the understatement of the year or did I miss something?

* The stars do keep tabs on what’s written about them online - and are sometimes upset about fan’s comments. Mia said she had read some pretty nasty things about herself on the L Word Online. (I reassured her that we all LOVE HER VERY MUCH, so she promised to visit the site again.) By the way, the real Mia Kirshner is NOT the person sneaking around the Internet pretending to be Mia. ‘‘She has shit taste in music,’’ the real Mia says.

* Mia and Kate are considered the two worse drivers. (Mia too slow and Kate too wild).

* Elizabeth Ziff is not the most popular person on set. According to Guinevere Turner it’s ‘’completely unusual’’ for somebody to go from being music supervisor to a producer and writer.

* Asked to describe their cast mates in one word, Mia Kirshner and Laurel Holloman had this to say:
- Kate Moennig is like a ‘’cuddly puppy’’, according to Laurel, and all the more adorable because she loves watching Beverley Hills 90210!
- To Mia, Kate is “like a 16-year-old boy. I feel like her older sister.’’
- Leisha Hailey is ‘’sprightly, fun, adorable’’ and everybody loves, loves her, says Mia.
- Jennifer is ‘’smart, meticulous and has a strong value system’’. (None of the actors had anything dramatically more endearing or passionate to say about Jennifer which was quite interesting, I thought.)
- Rachel Shelley is ‘’kind, generous, would never say a mean thing, does not gossip and is full of grace and loveliness’’ according to Laurel. And she’s looking after Mia’s dog while she’s at the convention.
- Erin Daniels is ‘‘feisty and funny and smart’’, according to Mia and Laurel.
- Pam Grier is ‘‘amazing, powerful, positive, professional’’.
- Nobody mentioned Daniela Sea’s name even once which is also quite telling, I thought.

My favourite You-Had-To-Be-There moments at the L2 Convention:
* When Leisha took an eyelash from Kate’s cheek and she made a wish.
* When Mia pretended to kiss Laurel and she ended up head-over-heels on the floor.
* When Mia was at first too shy to do the ‘’Every time I look at you, I feel so completely dismantled’’ line requested by a rabid fan, but later relented and performed it ever so sweetly to Laurel’s hilarious Marina.
* When Mia and Kate fooled around and talked about their favourite cities and restaurants and Kate said to Mia: ‘‘Do you care to share with the class…’’ and later: ‘’Good story, grandpa’’.
* When Mia asked a fan whether and why she’s sleeping in the front row and brought her onstage to explain.
* When Mia, Guin and Laurel imitated Karina Lombard’s heavy accent. Guin’s was probably the best: ‘’Why iz it you write ze scripts, I have no lines?’’

Most cringe-worthy ‘Please Get Me Out of Here!’-moment;
* When that weird fan demanded a hug from Laurel during the Q&A session. Eeek.

Laurel Holloman

Fast facts Laurel revealed at L2:
* Laurel loves the fan videos on YouTube as well as the soundtracks! Jennifer Beals told her about it and now she’s hooked. ‘’It’s so well-made! I’m considering using it as promotional material.’’

* Laurel thinks ‘’consistency’’ and ‘’loyalty’’ are the most attractive features in a woman. She thinks Beyoncé is very sexy.

* She welcomes compliments and as long as a fan doesn’t try to ‘‘sit on your face’’ (her own words, I kid you not), she likes the attention.

* Laurel has a tattoo of a lotus flower on her foot. Which is “very gay of you’’, Mia reminded her.

* In the photo session for the L Word 2 poster a very pregnant Laurel’s daughter kicked Jennifer Beals when they were sitting close together.

* Laurel’s two-year old daughter loves Rachel Shelley - ‘‘whenever she comes into the room, she calls out for her’’ - and Laurel thinks it’s because she did such intimate sex scenes with Rachel during her pregnancy.

* Before her daughter was born Laurel slept in the nude but now she sleeps in boxer shorts and a T-shirt - otherwise the young one feels tempted to start breast-feeding again.

* SHE HAS KISSED ANGELINA JOLIE! Well, they had to do a smooch during an audition Laurel did for the movie Foxfire. She and Ange both liked it. (‘’I think I’m in love,’’ Ange purred afterwards.)

* Laurel went to watch Leisha’s band play before they met on the L Word. ‘‘You looked hot on stage,’’ she told her during the Q & A session - and made Leisha blush.

* Laurel does NOT snowboard as is stated on her IMDB profile.

* She really likes to drape herself in big scarves.

* One of the hardest scenes she’s ever had to do was the violent sex scene with Jennifer Beals at the end of Season 1 of the L Word.

* Laurel also said that there were not many scenes with the little actress playing Angelica as she was older than her character and when put down in a scene she ran off the set.

* Laurel thinks Tina’s relationship with a man is ‘’just a phase’’ and that she won’t end up straight.

* She would have preferred Tina to go back to Helena rather than starting an affair with a man.

* If Laurel could be the master of her character’s destiny, Bette and Tina would still be together in 20 year’s time - living on a farm in Vermont, growing organic vegetables and with Bette finally being a painter herself. They would have one more kid and ‘’would treat each other with respect’’. And, added Leisha, Alice would be living with them. “Oh, and Alice would be living with us!” Laurel agreed.

* She’s 80% certain there will be a 5th L Word season.

* She would have liked more screen time in the 4th season.

* Laurel said she was working on Jennifer to get her to come to a convention (yippeeee!) and it was easier to get others to come if those who attended could say how much fun they had at a convention and how much they enjoyed the interaction with the fans. Hold thumbs!

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