Hello Again

Welcome back to The L Word Online.
It’s been a while. Back in October 2003, we were the first EVER L Word website launched onto the interwebs (that was way back when the internet was still newish and there were no things like Instagram and Facebook, crazy, I know!) and we are still here. We hope you not only enjoy the reboot of the show, but of this website too. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a look around. We hope you like what you see. 
~ Oz & Slicey
PS you can still revisit the old site anytime using either this link, or the one at the bottom of the page. And come join all the fun on our Instagram page and our Facebook page.

Want to watch TLW every week with others but not sure where to go?


9 Dec 2019 – New videos added, including one with a sneak peek of Season One.
– Have updated the viewing party list to the places holding them every week. If you know a place that’s hosting weekly L Word viewings, let us know.
If you attended a watch party, send us your pictures & videos.
– Added the music list from episode 1
Added new fanart
7 Dec 2019 – Jennifer was out & about these past few days. Check out the pictures here.
6 Dec 2019
– We had the wonderful Ally Johnson (who is currently developing the amazing looking web series Butch Pal for the Straight Gal) cover the LA premiere of TLW:GQ. Read the article here. In fact, there are a bunch of new articles that we’ve added.
– Not located in the US and you’re not quite sure how to watch the show. Check out our country list.
– New video of Jennifer Beals talking with People TV, in which she says that Jenny’s death will DEFINITELY be resolved.